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30 Colorful Eye Makeup Looks

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30 Colorful & Dramatic Eye Makeup Looks

Eyes are the windows to the soul. Nothing makes or breaks a look quicker than disastrous looking eye makeup or eyebrows and lashes.

Good eye makeup whether minimal or dramatic, beautiful eyebrows and a pair of lashes seal the whole look.

If you’re a lover of colorful  makeup looks, or you tend to prefer bringing all the drama with an over the top cut crease, you’ll definitely love this one.

We put together 30 different eye makeup looks you should totally recreate. These looks are perfect for summer, winter and spring. These looks can also be worn on date night, a night out with the girls or fun events.

Love having contrasting eye makeup looks? These cut crease eye make up looks will get you out of your comfort zone.

Grab your eye shadow palettes, your eye liners and pencils, blending brushes and let’s get creative.

1) Rainbow Cut Crease

rainbow eyeshadow

2) Blue Cut Crease

blue and white cutcrease eye makeup look

3) Golden Brown Cut Crease

golden brown cutcrease eye makeup look

4) Pink Cut Crease

pink cutc crease

5) Maroon & Orange Cut Crease

6) Brown Cut Crease

7) Light Orange Cut Crease with Yellow Liner

orange and yellow cut crease eye makeup

8) Mixed Colors Cut Crease

9) Lime Green Cut Crease

10) Orange & Brown Cut Crease

orange and brown cut crease

11) Orange Cut Crease

12) Rainbow Cut Crease Eye Makeup

rainbow eye makeup

13) Rainbow Eye Shadow

14) Brown Cut Crease with Yellow Liner

15) Purple Rainbow Cut Crease

16) Green Cut Crease

17) Rainbow Cut Crease

18) Maroon Rainbow Cut Crease

19) Purple Rainbow Cut Crease

20) Rainbow Cut Crease

21) Brown & Pink Cut Crease

22) Purple Cut Crease

23)Rainbow Cut Crease

24) Orange & White Eye Shadow

25) Blue Eye Shadow

26) Pink & Purple Cut Crease

27) Brown & Grey Cut Crease

28) Purple Cut Crease

29) Green & Brown Cut Crease

30) Brown Eye Shadow

brown eyes makeup

Check out Riquelle Medrano and Ashleigh Mccrummakeup  on Instagram for these and many more looks including detailed step by step  tutorials on eye makeup looks and cut creases. Don’t forget to check us out on Pinterest for more eye makeup looks inspiration.