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20 Ombre Lips Makeup Ideas

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20 Stunning Ombre Lips Ideas & Combinations

Ombre lips are achieved by stategically layering two lipstick shades together and blending them out.

Today’s article will feature ombre lips with a bit of a twist. Achieved using only gloss and different lipstick shades, our makeup feature today will showcase work from Ditte Schaal. A talented makeup artist whose psychedelic looks have won her a huge following on instagram. If you’re a lover of gloss, you’ll definitely want to stick around for this one.

1) Multi Color Ombre Lips

Glossy ombré lips

2) Pink Ombre Lips with Glitter

3) Yellow & Brown Ombre Lips

4) Purple & Gold Ombre Lips

5) Black & Red Ombre Lips

6)  Blue & Purple Ombre Lips

7) Matte Black Ombre Lips

Black lipstick and glossy lips

8) Yellow Glossy Ombre Lips

Yellow lipstick and glossy ombré lips

9) Green Glossy Ombre Lips

10) Red & Black Ombre Lips

11) Galaxy Blue Ombre Lips

12) White Glossy Ombre Lips

13) Orange Ombre Lips

14) Black & Nude Ombre Lips

15) Black Glossy Ombre Lips

16) Blak Ombre Lips

17) Brown Ombre Lips

18) Red & Pink Ombre Lips

19) Shimmery Black Ombre Lips

20) Purple & Orange Ombre Lips

Check out Ditte Schaal’s instagram page for tutorials and more of these ombre lips ideas and creative makeup looks.