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75 Gorgeous Short Hairstyles & Haircuts For Women

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Short hair often has its perks. From saving you the trouble of spending hours trying to style it on a busy morning, to it being less damage prone and it being easy to maintain during humid weather.

Whether you’re tired of long hair, love the convenience of short hair or you’re looking to switch it up, these short hairstyles and haircuts will be perfect for you.

From pixie cuts to bobs, shag cuts, butterfly haircuts, curtain bangs hairstyles and more.

We put together 75 short hairstyles and haircuts to inspire your next hairstyle.

1) Wet n Wild

If your hair is naturally curly, opt for this cute haircut and style that gives it a wet and wild look. Top the haircut off with some highlights and you’re good to go.

wet and wild short hairstyle

2) Short Curly Red Hair

Throw in some red dye to add some flare to your short hair. The good thing about dyeing your hair is that you don’t ned to bleach it. Check out these results of temporary hair dye on different hair textures.

short and curly haircut for short hair with red dye

3) Blonde Curly Short Hair

Because blondes have more fun.

4) Silver Pixie Cut

You can never go wrong with platinum silver for your pixies.

5) Pixie Cut

Make your pixie cut shorter at the back and longer at the bottom to give it an edgy look.

6) Simple Pixie Cut on Black Hair

Pixie cuts look great even on your natural hair color. Fluff the hair using a wide tooth comb and style it as desired.

simple pixie cut on black hair

7) Simple Pixie Cut

If you’re unsure about a pixie, opt to have them cut one side and leave the other side with longer hair.

8) Red Curly Pixie Cut

Red dye on a curly pixie elevates the entire look.

red curly pixie cut

9) Platinum Silver Short Pixie Cut

Who said you need to tone it down with a platinum silver color? Go with a red lip to make the look pop more.

platinum silver pixie cut

10) Pixie Cut with Platinum Highlights

Highlights are how you take you pixie cut from basic to wow.

pixie cut with platinum highlights

11) Extra Short Pixie Cuts

The shorter the pixie the bolder the look.

12) Platinum Blonde Pixie

A simple and beautiful side swept platinum blonde pixie cut.

platinum blonde pixie

13) Platinum Silver Pixie Cut

Messy looking pixie cuts are simply stunning.

platinum silver messy pixie cut

14) Platinum Silver Pixie Cut

Platinum silver is a bold hair color choice. Add it to your extra short pixie cut and rock it with confidence.

platinum silver pixie cut

15) Pixie Cuts & Bob Hairstyles

Experiment with as many highlights and colors on your pixies and bob hairstyles as you’d like.

16) Curly Brunette Bob Hairstyle

Add highlights and curls to your bob hairstyle to make it look more beautiful.

curly brunette bob hairstyle

17) Middle Part Short Bob Hairstyle

Bob hairstyles come in different types. From asymmetrical bobs to inverted bobs and stacked bobs. Part your bob hairstyle at the middle and curl it at the ends.

middle part short bob hairstyle

18) Cute Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts are classic hairstyles and can be worn by both men and women. Experiment with as many colors as you’d like on your pixie.

19) Curly Dyed Short Hairstyle

Part your short hair at the middle and use a curling iron to style it if your hair isn’t naturally curly.

short curly hair

20) Tapered Mohawk

Buzz your hair at the sides and style your tapered cut in a mohawk.

Tapered mohawk

21) Brown Pixie Cut

A pixie can be cut as short as you’d like.  Fluff it up to add extra volume.

brown pixie cut

22) Pixie Haircut with Highlights

Add some highlights to your pixie cut and style it as you wish.

pixie haircut with highlights

23) Pixie Haircut

Pixie haircuts are effortless and beautiful when done right.

24) Tapered Haircut on Side Swept Hair

Buzz the hair on one side and leave little to no hair then sweep the longer hair on one side for a chic look.

25) Tapered Haircut on Dyed Curly Hair

Tapered haircuts are perfect for when you’re unsure about whether you want short or long hair. The hair can be buzzed on both sides or one side. Style the middle part with some curls and hair dye to make it vibrant.

curly dyed tapered haircut

26) Layered Short Cut for Round Faces

    The thing about layers is that they help to add movement and angles for a well-rounded look—no pun intended!

    layered short cut for round faces

    27) Textured Medium Bob

    Girls with fine hair, say hi to your new BFF. And she comes bearing your favorite gift: va-va-voom volume in the form of additional texture. The right layers and cut can work wonders for those suffering from the issue of limp hair; try a medium length bob with thin choppy layers mixed in.

    Textured medium bob cut

    28) Blunt Bob

    When it comes to the best short styles for thick hair, blunt bobs are undoubtedly at the top of the pile. And here’s why: they’re incredibly versatile—you can wear your blunt cut styled smooth, a little messier than usual, or experiment with the parting, and it’ll look awesome either way.

      blunt bob cut

      29) Shag Bob

      Wavy hair works on a shag cut like nothing else, and you can add a punch of personality with baby bangs.

      short ginger shag bob cut

      30) Long Layered Bob

      Name a more versatile and universally flattering take on a bob cut, we’ll sit here and wait. The long layers add a new level of movement, and you get to steer clear of the commitment of going too short. Big WIN!

      long layered bob

      31) Short Cropped Cut With Side Swept Bangs

      A layered bob with long side bangs will always frame your face prettier than a picture. Take that to the bank (scratch that, to your hairstylist).

        short cropped cut with side swept bangs

        32) Shadow Roots

        Finally, something for brunettes to smile about. Firstly, the contrast between the blonde shade and dark roots creates a visually captivating effect, adding depth and dimension to the short hair. Secondly, the cut is exceptionally low-maintenance since your natural hair color grows in nicely and without any harsh lines.

        shadow roots bob

        33) Wispy Chin Length Bob

        Strike the perfect balance between casual and chic with this cute little number, complete with a oh-so-delicate side-swept fringe. Perfect for softening facial features.

        wispy chin length bob

        34) Cute Pixie Cut With Wispy Layers

          Behold, the best low-maintenance look for gals with thin hair. The wispy strands create softness and movement within the haircut, while messy styling adds an undeniably edgy and fashionable allure.

          cute pixie cut with wispy layers

          35) Stacked Bob With Balayage

            If your hair colour is pretty mono, then a balayage is a great way to add some dimension and drama. More contemporary than ombre, this sweet blend ramps up the texture and adds volume to the inverted bob.

            stacked balayage bob

            36) Short Curly Pixie

              The iconic pixie haircut will always be a great style choice for natural curls. It’s simple, charming, and lets your face and bone structure shine.

              short curly pixie cut

              37) Short Angled Cut for Straight Hair

                Whether you hope to take on a more edgy persona or wish to add fullness and verve to otherwise lifeless hair, an asymmetrical bob is a great cut to try.

                short angled cut for straight hair

                38) Side-Parted Thick Bubble Bob

                  Any short hairstyle that involves a deep side part receives a round of applause from us. Why? Because it shows bravery and sassiness. This cut is particularly viable for women with square and rectangle faces since it offers symmetry in spades.

                  side part thick bubble bob

                  39) Modern French Bob

                    This cheekbones-hugging Parisian short cut is an undeniably stylish option. Existing at a shorter length than the typical bob, it’s expertly designed to frame your face and accentuate your facial features. 

                    modern French bob

                    40) Subtly Tousled Bob

                      You’ll never call the classic cut “old and dated” again if you try this ultra-modern, ultra-feminine take. Its edgy texture has us on a chokehold, seriously. 

                      subtly tousled bob

                      41) Messy Bob Cut With Fringe

                        Short messy bobs look so chic with dark hair! Pair with a full fringe if you want to draw attention to the eyes.

                        messy bob cut with fringe

                        42) Gorgeous Pixie-Bob for Brunettes

                          As far as the best textured hairstyles go, this is a GRAND SLAM! It’s super easy to style, cool and comfortable in balmy weather, and has a stunning slimming effect on wide faces. 

                          pixie bob for brunettes

                          43) Slicked Back Pixie In Blonde

                            If a significant hairstyle change for you means rocking a pixie and keeping it very close to the scalp, then this cute customer is calling you by name. It’s giving proper Holywood vibes, and we’re here for it.

                            short blonde slicked back pixie cut

                            44) Wavy Pixie Crop

                              This super cropped cut is the ultimate no-fuss look for summer. The hairstylist let the model’s natural waves do the job when it came to adding texture. Frame-worthy!

                              wavy pixie crop

                              45) Old Money Bob

                                You’re looking at 2024’s most coveted short haircut (no kidding!). A proud member of the “quiet luxury” movement, this bob style oozes high glamor and is perfect for those whose personal aesthetic is more polished and grown up. Ask your hairstylist for a length that suits your face and proportions.

                                old money bob

                                46) Platinum Pixie Crop

                                  Can we observe a moment of silence for these perfectly choppy bangs? Add them to a cropped pixie to achieve the sort of effortless style that would make Michelle Williams proud.

                                  Platinum cropped  pixie cut

                                  47) Piece-y Pixie With Highlights

                                    Any collection of the best short cuts would be incomplete without a piecey cut (for the texture, ya know). The gold-ish and silvery highlights further emphasize the piecey texture of the cut, all while adding some enviable depth.

                                    piece-y pixie cut with highlights

                                    48) Ashy Undercut Pixie

                                      Cute pixie cuts don’t get bolder and sassier than this underrated blondie. We particularly love how the cool blonde shade beautifully complements the girl’s skin tone.

                                      ash blonde undercut pixie

                                      49) The Classic Pixie

                                        Old is gold, right? A bit of wispy texture around the fringe adds movement to even the shortest crop.

                                        Short classic pixie cut

                                        50) Texture on Top, Cropped on the Bottom

                                          With a heavily textured wavy crown and a straight, close crop on the sides and bottom, this pixie is party on the front and business in the back. Loooove!

                                          short textured cropped cut

                                          51) Curly Collarbone Shag

                                            Curls demand a lot of layers for maximum movement–and this collarbone-grazing cut says ‘I got this!’

                                            curly collarbone shag

                                            52) Feathered Stacked Bob

                                              If this breathtaking feathered short style doesn’t make you want to go for the big chop, we don’t know what will. It’s casual and glamorous at the same time!

                                              blonde feathered stacked bob

                                              53) Short Bob With Rounded Silhouette

                                                Frame the face in the most flattering manner with a neck-length bob that curves ever so daintily under.

                                                short bob with rounded silhouette

                                                54) Graduated Thick Hair Bob

                                                  THAT angle though! We love a haircut that makes our thick locks feel a whole lot lighter and a lot less one-dimensional (boooring). 

                                                  graduated thick hair bob

                                                  55) Gray Short Pixie With Undershave

                                                    Charm and ease. Why sacrifice one for the other when you can get both in one cut (read: this blonde fluffy masterpiece)? 

                                                    gray short pixie with undershave

                                                    56) Faux Hawk Hairstyle

                                                      There are bold, funky short hairstyles, and then there’s this cut. Wear with anything because this silvery cut with a super rowdy, super voluminous top will make a bold statement on its own!

                                                      faux hawk style

                                                      57) A-Line Bob Cut

                                                        Prepare for lift-off! Reduce excess weight from your medium bob–and gain instant volume–by adding an angle toward the front.

                                                        A line bob cut

                                                        60) Wedge Hairstyle

                                                          Shorter in the back and gradually increasing in length toward the front, this cut is ideal for thick-haired beauties who are sick and tired of constantly dealing with frizzy tresses. Eek!

                                                          short blonde wedge cut

                                                          61) Sliced Bixie for Black Natural Hair

                                                            You’ll be hard pressed to find a more effortless short haircut with bangs. When styling, you’ll need nothing more than a texturizing product to give your hair more grip.

                                                            sliced pixie bob cut

                                                            62) Messy Short Hair With Bangs

                                                              Needless to say, a good chunk of the best short haircuts today have bangs. In this case, the fringe echoes the texture released throughout the mane and enhanced using a curl cream.

                                                              messy cherry cola pixie cut with bangs

                                                              63) Long Pixie With Highlights

                                                                A huge fan of the pixie haircut but are not exactly ready to take a full plunge? Ease into things with this delightful cut—short enough to remain low-maintenance, yet long enough to flow into side bangs while landing alluring movement.

                                                                short pixie cut with highlights

                                                                64) Money Piece Bob

                                                                  A matching, softer shade of violet money highlights could be all your dark brown hair needs to give it the luminosity and classy feel you desire.

                                                                  money piece bob

                                                                  65) Blonde Straight Bob 

                                                                    A micro bob might not do justice to the stunning blonde shade of your hair, but a long layered bob like this one can.  And if you want to attain a low-maintenance look, leave the roots dark.

                                                                    blonde straight bob

                                                                    66) Rose Gold Bob

                                                                      We never miss a chance to swoon over rose gold locks, and the model knocks it out of the park with this metallic dusty shade. Helen Mirren would absolutely be envious!

                                                                      rosse gold bob

                                                                      67) Fluffy Pompadour

                                                                        Oh, hello, shiny pompadour. Rock this ageless style if you have a pixie with longer hair on top, or when it’s just beginning to grow out. It’s undoubtedly one of the best ways to add the illusion of a longer, more oval face (hello there, round face beauties).

                                                                        68) Blonde Cropped Cut

                                                                          Short blonde hair doesn’t get more chic and stylish than this. Suitable for any hair type or density, you just need to add the right amount of root lifting product and texturizing pomade and you’ll be ready for compliments galore!

                                                                          short blonde cropped cut

                                                                          69) Shaggy Medium Bob

                                                                            You can’t go wrong with this tried-and-true haircut. It’s pretty much flattering on every face shape.

                                                                            shaggy medium length bob

                                                                            70) Feminine Buzz Cut 

                                                                              Buzz cuts might be originally meant for men, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock it and look twice as cool. Keep it ultra short and apply pink for a trendy, fashionable look that’s noticeable at first glance.

                                                                              short feminine buzz cut

                                                                              71) Choppy Pixie Cut

                                                                                A Hailey Berry favorite, this layered number is edgy-meets-elegance. It’s a great look that’s easy to maintain if you’re blessed with thick hair.

                                                                                choppy pixie cut

                                                                                72) Face-Framing Layers 

                                                                                  The beauty of face-framing is that it works regardless of your hair texture or face shape. Here, it lends some fascinating grace and classy flair to this modern shag.

                                                                                  shag cut with face framing layers

                                                                                  73) Beach Waves

                                                                                    An easy way to transition from long hair to bob territory. Sprinkle in some balayage highlights, and you have a super hot summer beach look just waiting to be shown off!

                                                                                    beach waves short hairstyle

                                                                                    74) Voluminous Bob

                                                                                      Haven’t you heard? A layered, voluminous bob can help cut down styling and drying time—especially for gals with thick, wavy hair. Seriously, less time in front of the mirror, more minutes slaying.

                                                                                      Voluminous side swept bob

                                                                                      75) Dimensional Bob With Messy Finish

                                                                                        Who said you can’t get depth, movement, and wash-and-go flexibility all in a single shorter cut? Talk about checking all the right boxes!

                                                                                        Dimensional bob with messy finish

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