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60 Inverted Bob Haircuts To Try For a Head-Turning Refresh

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Close one eye if you find the normal, old-fashioned bob cut to be (cough) boring. Close the other eye if you aren’t ready to lose hope in the entire bob cut class just yet.

Oops, now we all can’t see.

What if we told you that there is a bob haircut for the exact look you have in mind, minus the guesswork and unending lamentations to your BFF?

Say hello to the inverted bob haircut, a.k.a. your style enhancer extraordinaire. True to its name, it starts out longer and fuller at the front and gradually gets shorter towards the back. 

Effortlessly chic yet remarkably easy to pull off, it is arguably the most versatile bob haircut out there (take that, A-line bob cut). Wear it lightweight, spruce it up with a surprise undercut, or texturize it with subtly fading layers–you name it. 

Read on for the best inverted bob hairstyles that cover every whim of hair, from thick to wavy, and have us fully ready for a bold, beautiful, any-season refresh. Bring in these inspiration shots and your stylist won’t think you’re crazy for asking. 

1) Inverted Bob for Thick Hair

An inverted bob is a great way to remove the excessive thickness and help your mane look and feel lighter. And, yes, you can make your bob messy or sleek, depending on your mood.


2) The Inverted Dramatic Bob

Bored? That’s nothing a bob haircut with a sharp, angled perimeter can’t fix.

dramatic inverted bob

3) The Inverted Graduated Bob

If you prefer a smooth, clean look that accentuates your facial features, this bold cut with a rounded back is destined to be your next hairstyle.

inverted graduated bob

4) Inverted Bob with Side Bangs

Can’t decide between an inverted bob and bangs? Go for both with this hairstyle; side-swept tresses with curled under ends will make the out-of-the-ordinary cut even more special.

inverted bob with side bangs

5) Short Inverted Bob with Undercut Back

Two words: chic and cute. That’s all this hairstyle has to say; add some balayage highlights for added volume.

short inverted bob with undercut back

6) Inverted Bob for Thin Hair

Layers on layers is the name of the game when it comes to cutting a thin-hair inverted bob. Angle it slightly, make it messier, or give the ends a slight curl to create an illusion of fullness.

inverted bob for thin hair

7) Wavy Bob With Blonde Highlights

Even women with thick, rowdy hair can get in on the action, don’t you worry. This choppy, textured bob complete with subtle hints of blonde hits all the right (angled) notes.

wavy blonde bob with highlights

8) Short Stacked Inverted Bob

If you’re on the fence about making the big chop, this layered approach gives you the best of both worlds with its sleek, voluminous front and shorter, stacked backside. Here’s the best part: it works brilliantly for women of all ages, regardless of face shape or hair type.

short stacked inverted bob

9) The Flattering Long Inverted Bob

Long hair can make an even bigger statement with an inverted bob that suits all textures and all seasons. Just be sure to pick a variant that will bring out your individuality and feminine boldness with seamless ease (textured bronde bob, anyone?).

flattering long inverted bob

10) Angled Inverted Bob for Straight Hair

Straight hair is marked by strands that have a lack of oomph (boooring). One of the biggest tricks to give straight hair some zing and allure is with the usage of a blunt inverted bob; feel free to add a tousle in the back for a well-balanced look.

angled inverted bob for straight hair

11) Inverted Textured Silver Bob

Model your favorite color with this bob for thin hair. The messy strands will only help your plight.

inverted textured silver bob

12) Cool-Toned Blonde Inverted Bob

If this doesn’t give all the motivation you need to experiment with a champagne bob this year, we don’t know what will. The edgy yet soft look is everything!

cool toned blonde inverted bob

13) Textured Inverted Bob

Textured hair, don’t care? More like, textured hair, more flair (with the right styling option, of course); make yours an inverted bob and, if possible, throw in a root fade to keep the look young and classy.

textured inverted bob

14) Medium Inverted Bob

Who said hair with loose waves can’t look chic and cheeky at the same time? Achieve just that with this puffy, no-fuss hairdo.

medium inverted bob

15) Classic Inverted Bob with Choppy Layers

Noticeably the coolest cut in the room, the blunt bob rests teasingly on the collaborne and features razor-cut ends and layers. If we were to pick just one hairstyle from this list that exemplifies an on-trend tousled-hair experience to a tee, it’d undoubtedly be this one; choppy for the win!

classic multi coloured inverted bob with choppy layers

16) Super-Curly Side Parted Inverted Bob

Transform basic medium-length hair with chocolate brown spirals drenched in mousse or gel. The outcome is a picture-perfect bob that screams simple sophistication.

inverted bob on curly hair

17) Inverted Bob with Face-Framing Strands for Thin Hair

For those with fine hair, a short inverted bob is an easy way to go. Ask for lightweight face-framing strands to give your face the attention it needs and deserves.

inverted bob with face framing strands for thin hair

18) Lob Haircut with Waves and Balayage

As if this snug hair color didn’t already have us calling up the salon, the wavy, balayage-heavy layers of the cut itself have us ready for a chop. This is, quite frankly, the perfect “not too drastic” transition style for long hair.

lob haircut with waves and balayage

19) Shaggy Inverted Bronde Bob

The ever-popular shag looks even cuter given a scrawny, modern cut. Keep locks wavy and sprinkle in some blonde highlights for a sassy, unassuming look that’ll have you the prettiest on the block!

shaggy inverted bronde bob

20) Inverted Shaggy Bob with Curtain Bags

Shaggy bobs are excellent for taming voluminous and unruly tresses, which makes them incredibly popular hairstyles for thick hair. In addition, they’re pretty versatile–you can wear your shaggy bob short, styled smooth, or with curtain bangs for an extra spicy look.

inverted shaggy bob with curtain bangs

21) Lime-Green Inverted Bob

All it takes is a sizzling bold hair color, straight tresses set off with an arched fringe, and voila, you’ve got one helluva inverted bob!

lime green inverted bob

22) Soft Purple Inverted Bob

What hair color would take you back to your childhood better than this subtle girlish purple? Not to mention, it’ll cure any dullness your current hairstyle is evoking; here’s to looking and feeling younger!

soft purple inverted bob with layers

23) Short Inverted Bob for Older Women

Try as we might, we can’t outrun time–and that’s okay. What we can do, though, is stay true to ourselves and age gracefully, and this short flattering bob with a sleek undercut can help us do precisely that. 

short inverted bob for women over 60

24) Stacked Inverted Bob for Thin Hair

Volume is a fine-haired girl’s best friend. The key to mastering the look lies in soft waves concentrated towards the crown of your head.

stacked inverted bob for thin hair

25) Well-Defined Curls

Just look at the texture on this bob. It is absolutely mesmerising! If you’re gonna give up your straight locks for curls, make sure they look as cool as these ones.

curly hair inverted bob

26) Straightened Black Inverted Bob

This longer version of a sharply angled bob cut is perfect for any low-maintenance gal out there with naturally straight black hair. The blunt ends make your mane look naturally thicker overall and the shoulder-grazing length is an in-between balance that doesn’t weigh down roots (what’s not to love?).

Straightened black inverted long bob

27) Blunt Cut Inverted Bob

Fake it until you make it with a razor-sharp, shoulder-length bob that instantly makes thin hair look fuller–and keeps your gals in constant awe.

blunt cut inverted bob

28) Shaggy Shoulder Grazing Bob with Highlights

We’ll take this sassy textured bob and then some. The combo of bronde color and golden highlights lends itself to so much versatility to make your layered locks a true any-place head-turner.

    shaggy shoulder grazing bob with highlights

    29) Stacked Bob with Babylights

    We’re convinced the answer to all our problems is a trip to the salon and a new inverted stacked bob. For thick hair, babylights are easy and exquisite.

    stacked inverted bob with babylights

    30) White Blonde Wavy Lob

    This long, sliced bob makes a statement, and we’re imagining it saying something fierce.

    white blonde wavy lob

    31) Subtly Unruly Earthy Lob

    We love a classic shag, but dare we say it doesn’t tickle everyone’s fancy? This uneven bob meets us in the middle with caramel-toned curls and cute bangs for a much more modernized version.

    inverted wavy earthy lob

    31) Inverted Balayage Bob with Swooping Layers

    We love our hair volumized to the skies down here, and this layered bob certainly agrees. The precise, rounded cut adds even more style and verve.

    inverted balayage bob with swooping layers

    33) Layered Platinum Blonde Bob

    Platinum here, platinum there, platinum for everyone! When paired with an inverted bob style, the result is, well, perfection; extra textured, extra sassy, easy-moving hair that’ll have everyone thinking you’re headed for the red-carpet.

    layered inverted platinum blonde bob

    34) Inverted A-Line Bob

    Liven up your locks by opting for the ever-so-stylish inverted bob with an A-line twist. The soft layering on top works some serious magic on oval and round faces alike, bringing a devastatingly cool addition to your features.

    inverted A-line bob

    35) Striking Bronze Lob

    When in doubt, ask for all the hues for good measure. Sporting golden, strawberry blonde, and light brown shades, there’s no eye color or skin tone that this trendy V-shaped bob can’t flatter.

    bronze lob

    36) Messy Bob with Razored Ends

    Those ends look like they could pierce through rock faster than your mum’s side-eye, which is saying something. The subtle balayage over ash brown highlights is the perfect compliment to an already well-textured, voluminous cut.

    messy bob with razored ends

    37) Feathered Inverted Bob with Fringe

    We wish we could feel half as cool and sophisticated as this blonde bob with medium layers and fringe paired with the most stunning strawberry highlights this side of the Pacific.

    feathered inverted bob with fringe

    38) Inverted Asymmetrical Bob for Thin Hair

    Thin hair and an undercut go together flawlessly (you know, for that extra dash of volume and texture). Enough said.

    inverted asymmetrical bob for thin hair

    39) Voluminous Chin-Length Bob

    If you haven’t heard, there’s a modern volume-focused haircut taking over salons, and lucky for us, anyone can rock it. Long, chin-grazing strands will elevate any face shape, while the layers on top will add some much-needed texture and bounce; call it frivolity without being over-the-top!

    Voluminous chin length bob

    40) Super Wavy Bob with Undercut and Dark Root

    You won’t find a bolder, more classy dip into the inverted bob pool than this deliciously layered cut with a touch of bronde. Round face gals, take that W!

    wavy bob with undercut and dark roots

    41) Twisted Bob

    WHAT. A. TWIST. Scream ‘badass’ in caps with this easy-to-wear hairdo with a braid-like detail for the ages.

    twisted inverted bob

    42) Inverted Angled Bob with Short Layers

    Think you can spare a few minutes in the A.M. before heading for work? This chic angled bob haircut has your name written all over it; the short, striking layers won’t take too much time to style and even if they do, it’ll be absolutely worth it!

    inverted angled bob with short layers

    43) Steeply Angled Short Inverted Bob with Stacked Layers

    This is proof that a classic angled bob doesn’t have to be boring, thanks to stacked, meticulously textured layers that act as major volume enhancers.


    44) Bright Copper Inverted Bob

    This color is smooth as butter and not your basic copper. The brighter shade adds zazz to your complexion, and the trendy asymmetrical cut makes it even cooler.

    Copper inverted bob

    45) Layered Shaggy Inverted Bob with Highlights for Thick Hair

    Spruce up thick hair with platinum, ribbon-esque highlights and dark roots, which layers help stand out even more.

    layered shaggy inverted bob with highlights for thick hair

    46) Rounded Bob With V-Shaped Layers

    There’s nothing boring about this bob. The cut is all about giving your hair color the dimension it so desperately yearns for.

    rounded bob with v shape layers

    47) Graduated Bob with Voluminous Crown

    Even if you’re asking for a subtle, laid-back take on the inverted bob haircut, you can ask for short, precise layers and slight stacking in the back to create a funky, graduated bob with a crown (yes queen!).

    Graduated bob with voluminous crown

    48) Ash Blonde Bob with Copper Babylights

    It’s almost never a bad idea for babylights, if we can bring ourselves to make the chop. This blonde bob gets its signature sass from the shoulder-grazing, feature-enhancing layers and copper babylights that perfectly complement the depth underneath. 

    ash blonde copper with copper babylights

    49) Center Parted Messy Hair Bob

    Effortless, chic, and endlessly flattering, center-parted styles are making a comeback; this look works best on neck-length wavy or straight hair. Bonus points if you can steer clear of beanies; let the oh-so-cute flyaways do the talking.


    50) Soft-Layered A-Line Bob

    Look peerless with the A-line version of the world’s beloved inverted bob. Throw in soft layers and you have yourself one of the bounciest, voluminous, most well-defined hairstyles you’ll ever rock.

    soft layered A-line bob

    51) Bulky Curly Bob

    Head-turners don’t get any better (and bolder) than this! For a bouncier-looking finish, keep the hair length at the jaw level.

    bulky curly inverted bob

    52) Graduated Pixie Bob

    We can’t get enough of this super sleek pixie bob with blonde highlights laying delectably against those jagged ends, and neither will you. Granted.

    graduated pixie bob

    53) Very Short Bob 

    Your dimensional blonde bayalage tresses are in for a treat. The volume-pumping cut and elegant babylights will have them swearing by your stylist.

    short inverted bob with bumped ends

    54) Short Side-Parted Inverted Bob with Combover Bangs

    Comb-over inverted haircut paired with loose, subtly tousled waves worthy of running your fingers through is ideal for women with oval shapes. And with its versatility, this kind of style could seamlessly move day to night; LOVE!

    side part inverted bob with combover bangs

    55) Neck-Length Stacked Bob 

    Something about a short, stacked, wavy bob always leaves us wanting to get a hot chocolate mocha and then proceed to take over the world. This look is perfect for bronde hair babes.

    stacked bob

    56) Mid-Length Inverted Bob with Grey Blending

    A medium-length bob that looks fantastic with grey blending and a simple fringe is the go-to for older women who crave a stylish low-maintenance hairstyle. Your silver strands couldn’t be more thankful.

    Medium length inverted bob with grey blending

    57) Inverted Bob with Curled Under Ends

    Not quite a classic wavy bob, not quite a shag–this cut is easy, breezy, and everything a thin-haired babe needs to live her best life. 

    inverted bob with bumped ends

    58) Curved Bob

    The layers of this inverted bob are tender and sweet, and they can highlight your best features when combined with the right styling approach. Hint: tucking a few strands behind ears instantly adds seamless volume and finesse to an already-spectacular cut. 

    curved inverted bob

    59) Brown Face-Framing Inverted Bob

    This hair color and the acutely angled shape with feature-defining layers certainly won’t go unnoticed!

    Burgundy face Framing inverted bob

    60) Angled Bob with Bangs

    We can tell you what’s not to love about this bob: nothing! The angles, the silky smooth bangs, and the blunt ends culminate into a funky, youthful cut fit for any occasion.

    angled bob with a fringe

    Bobs for All!

    The inverted bob is a bonafide all-action, do-it-all haircut: unapologetically gorgeous, it will work with the shaggiest of shags and the thickest of thick hair. 

    All it takes is an ounce of courage and a little bit of vision and you’ll be able to make any of these hairstyles your own.

    So, put away your beanies and scrunchies and get ready to try on a unique inverted bob!