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60 Haircuts & Hairstyles With Bangs That Are Trending Right Now

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“Should I get bangs?” It’s the eternal hair question, one that divides opinions, gets hair appointments canceled at the last second, and has girls questioning every beauty decision they’ve ever made. Eek!

As the biggest advocates of statement-making fashion, we say, why not? I mean, what’s there to dislike about strands of hair that allow you to swiftly change up your style without going for the big chop. 

And the good news: there are enough variations of bangs to suit any face shape and hair type imaginable (hi there, curly hair girls).

Whether you’re yet to be convinced, or you’ve already made up your mind but can’t quite figure out which type of bangs to dorn with a specific haircut, we’ve got you covered. Keep scrolling for top-tier, expert-approved inspo.

But First, A Quick Bangs Guide

  • Thin hair: wispy bangs, choppy bangs, thick bangs.
  • Fine hair: blunt bangs, side-swept bangs, pin-straight bangs.
  • Thick hair: any type of bangs, just not blunt bangs.
  • Oval faces: any variation of bangs.
  • Round faces: straight-across bangs, full bangs.
  • Square faces: wispy bangs, side-swept bangs.
  • Long faces: asymmetrical bangs.
  • Big forehead: deep side bangs, curtain bangs.
  • Big nose: side-swept bangs.

For clarity purposes, just because a certain bang style is proven to complement a certain face shape or hair type doesn’t mean you can’t try it. It all depends on how well it’s cut and its placement on your face, as you’ll see below.

60 Insta-Ready Hairstyles and Haircuts With Bangs for 2024

It doesn’t matter which haircut you’re going for, we’ve got your back. From layered to blunt to choppy, these haircuts with bangs are ready to be endlessly swooned over, pinned, and imitated.

1) Long Pixie Haircut With Side-Swept Bangs

Does rocking a short pixie feel like too daring a move? Opt for a long one instead. Add in side-swept bangs to ramp up your styling options; they can be seamlessly braided or pinned back.

    long pixie haircut with side swept bangs

    2) Lob Hairstyle With Birkin Bangs

    We love us a cute Birkin cut! Straight across and skimming the eyebrows, these bangs are forever flattering for long face shapes.

      lob hairstyle with birkin bags

      3) Choppy Bangs on Chin-Length Haircut 

      Unlike blunt or straight bangs, choppy bangs boast incredible texture and movement. The uneven length helps to balance the plumpness of a round face.

        choppy bangs on chin length bob

        4) Wolf Cut Hair With Wispy Bangs

        Wispy bangs do really look fabulous on a square face, especially if they go with long hair.

          wolf cut with wispy bangs

          5) Wispy Side Bangs for Shoulder-Length Hair

          You know what they say: If you can’t go to the beach, bring the beach to you. And what better way to complement your beach waves than with wispy bangs–they’re equally effortless and oh-so-deft.

            wispy side bangs on shoulder length hair

            6) Top Knot Hairstyle With Bangs

            Never in a million years would we have guessed this eyebrow-grazing fringe is faux; it looks too real to be an extension, right? It instantly takes her knot from stunning to red-carpet-worthy.

              top knot style with bangs

              7) Blunt Bangs on Neck-Length Lob Haircut

              One of the biggest perks of bangs is that they can ‘camouflage’ your appearance as you wish. In this case, the model utilizes the blunt-cut fringe to round out her face while drawing attention to her gorgeous eyes. PICTURE-PERFECT!

                blunt bangs on neck length bob haircut

                8) Thin Bangs on a Bob Haircut

                Thin hair benefits greatly from the flattering effects of wispy thin bangs, especially when cut in chic bob style. The little, pointy wisps of the bang add a touch of unique style around the face, highlighting the eyes and opening up the face to show off your features. Big win!

                  thin bangs on a bob cut

                  9) Side Bangs With a Layered Hairstyle

                  Taylor Swift would probably hug you, engage in a hearty banter, and pose with you for photos if she found you rocking her statement bangs. They look especially gorgeous with curly or wavy hair cut in layers.

                    curtain bangs on a layered  cut

                    10) Micro Bangs and Shag Haircut

                    Maximize the choppiness of your shag with these statement bangs. They’re short enough to not take the attention away from your most beautiful features, all while adding a youthful flair to your overall look.

                      micro bangs on a shag haircut

                      11) Swept Bangs With Cascading Hair

                      Listen up, proud owners of long hair. Swept bangs are a perfect fit for your long locks since they suit their natural movement; and if they’re cut long enough, they’ll add tons of personality and zing to your overall look.


                        12) Layered Hairstyle With Straight-Across Bangs

                        What a breathtaking contrast of textures! The blunt fringe with a feathered finish combines beautifully with the flippy layers at the ends to create an effortlessly head-turning look.

                          layered hairstyle with straight across bangs

                          13) Bob-Shag Hairstyle With Bangs

                          A layered fringe on a layered hairstyle is the perfect way to pump up the volume without going overboard. 

                            bob-shag hairstyle with bangs

                            14) Mullet Haircut With Bangs

                            Because everyone’s rocking the iconic mullet these days, how about you stand out from the crowd with these swept wispy bangs? They lend enviable softness and sophistication to an otherwise edgy cut.

                              mullet haircut with bangs

                              15) Asymmetrical Bangs On Long Straight Hair

                              If there’s a bang style in this rundown that can seamlessly pull attention on its own, it’s this one. Bold, slightly angled, playfully hiding a big forehead…we’re in love!

                                Asymmetrical bangs on long straight hair

                                16) Messy Bangs With Textured Lob

                                Craving a bang style that’s as elegant as it is effortless? What about something that complements a party dress or office wear with zero fuss? This Birkin style lob says, I got you girl.

                                  messy bangs on textured lob

                                  17) Medium-Length Hairstyle With Bangs

                                  First of all, congrats on getting ‘em long strands out of the way! Now it’s time to take your new style to the next level; with nothing more than a few eyebrow-grazing bangs, you’ll seem delectably naughty, sassy, playful, and cheeky.

                                    long bob with bangs

                                    18) Shaggy Bangs for Tousled Hair

                                    ‘ 70s shag bangs and a mid-length shag haircut go really well together. Too much sass for one person, we’re envious!

                                      shaggy bangs on toussled hair

                                      19) Front Bangs for Round Faces

                                      Front bangs are a round-shaped face’s bread and butter. They visually balance the roundness of the face while letting your eyes shine. So FRINGE’N cute!

                                        front bangs for round faces

                                        20) Long Middle Part Hairstyle With Bangs

                                        A wispy center piece introducing fuller bangs? Sounds like our dream symmetrical hairstyle. It’s also a nice way to have more shape on the front but without the need for frequent fringe trims; as it grows, just push it to the side and rock sweeping curtain bangs instead!

                                          long middle part hairstyle with bangs

                                          21) Layered Hair With Face-Framing Bangs

                                          This hairstyle is 100% about gloss. Long bangs for oval faces can absolutely be layered, elegant, and full of shine.

                                            layered cut with face-framing bangs

                                            22) Straight Bangs for Jet Black Hair

                                            Give your long hair an instant style boost with a straight fringe that sits delicately across the forehead. 

                                              straight bangs for long jet black hair

                                              23) Cozy Curls With Bangs

                                              Who said curly hair girls can’t wear bangs? How’s that for proof? Split your bangs to each side so they grow out seamlessly with your style.

                                                curly hair haircut with bangs

                                                24) Short Collarbone-Grazing Haircut With Bangs

                                                Befitting bangs for short haircuts focus mainly on one thing–bringing out your best facial features. For this model, it’s her stunning hazel eyes. Plus, the parted fringe adds a cute sexy feel to her look.

                                                  short bob with bangs

                                                  25) Cute Shag With Flippy Bangs

                                                  Flippy bangs might not be on your list of the hottest bangs ideas for 2024 (unfairly!), but they work really well with a layered classic shag. For an airier feel, let the feathered ends be replicated throughout the side layers.

                                                    cute shag cut with flippy bangs

                                                    26) Shoulder-Length Hair With See-Through Bangs 

                                                    Simple yet elegant, this type of fringe is made to attract admiring glances! We are enamored of the high-fashion vibes it oozes, all without requiring any special styling tricks. It looks particularly good on straight hair of any length. 

                                                      medium haircut hairstyle  with bangs

                                                      27) Bardot Bangs on a Wavy Cut

                                                      Bardot bangs are popular again, and we can’t keep calm! Although the flirty ‘60s curtain bangs can suit any face shape, they look especially sexy on round faces. Parting the Bardot fringe in the middle breaks up a wide cheek, making it appear more structured. 

                                                        bardot bangs on a wavy cut

                                                        28) Butterfly Cut With Bottleneck Bangs

                                                        A butterfly haircut and a soft, textured fringe with face-framing layers are a match made in heaven. Look at how perfectly the strands in the middle frame the face, while the grown-out feathered pieces add to the volumizing effect of the longer layers below. Breathtakingly gorgeous!

                                                          butterfly cut with bottleneck bangs

                                                          29) Blonde Hairstyle With Bangs

                                                          Part-see through part-wispy, these hybrid bangs have an aura of mystery to them; one can’t help but ogle endlessly. Overall, this hairstyle will frame your face and make your thin locks appear fuller.

                                                            bangs on long blonde hair

                                                            30) Long Curtain Bangs Hairstyle

                                                            Long black cascading hair is in itself a stunner; adding curtain bangs that fall below the cheekbones is a styling masterstroke–an easy 20/10! In addition, when coupled with layers, curtain bangs inject enviable movement and volume into the style.

                                                              long curtain bangs

                                                              31) Angled Curtain Bangs for a Shag 

                                                              Luckily for you round-faced gals, round faces are so naturally balanced that they can handle the visual asymmetry of angled layers or dramatic bangs. That means your face shines with hairstyles that draw the eye downward, like this one right here. 

                                                                angled curtain bangs for a shag cut

                                                                32) Disheveled Bob Haircut With Bangs

                                                                Next time you rock a short bob hairstyle this cute, please tag us in your posts so we can partake in the awesomeness too. Deal? That said, subtle waves and volume at the roots give casual vibes to your look, while the curtain fringe adds a sense of elegance.

                                                                  disheveled bob haircut with bangs

                                                                  33) Long Side Bangs for a Pixie Cut

                                                                  Doesn’t the hairstyle scream maximum chic and sophistication? We thought so! The fringe slims down your cheeks and shows off the cute chin and graceful neck.

                                                                    pixie cut with long side bangs

                                                                    34) Piece-y Bangs

                                                                    Name a more feminine and stylish type of bang, we’ll wait. For an even sultrier look, pair them with layered medium hair or a long wavy hairstyle.

                                                                      piecey bangs

                                                                      35) High Bun Hairstyle With Bangs

                                                                      The long, undone bangs transform the bun into a romantic hairstyle suitable for impressing your next date or hanging out with friends.

                                                                        high bun updo with bangs

                                                                        36) Straight Lob With Baby Bangs

                                                                        Dang, she’s gorgeous! Granted, you won’t fail to make a (big) statement with this bold look.

                                                                          Straight lob with baby bangs

                                                                          37) Modern Shag Hairstyle With Swept Bangs

                                                                          Women with fine hair go mad over styles that give their ‘dos an impression of thick hair, like this insanely sassy shag. It chimes well with side-swept bangs since they’re all about va-va-voom volume.

                                                                            modern shag cut with bangs

                                                                            38) Cropped Bangs

                                                                            This bang style can really do it all. It’s short enough to allow your stunning eyes to take center-stage, yet blends seamlessly into the face-hugging bits without overwhelming the look.

                                                                              wolf cut with cropped bangs

                                                                              39) Chic Short Haircut With Parted Fringe

                                                                              All work and no play…brings unmistakable dullness to your tresses! These dainty bangs instantly breathe new life into any hairstyle. For a professional looking and low-maintenance style, pair the fringe with a bob cut.

                                                                                chich short haircut with parted fringe

                                                                                40) Feathered Fringe for Long Hair

                                                                                This Angelic-looking hairstyle is a great option if you long for a transformation but aren’t ready to bid goodbye to your long locks. Additionally, feathered, flippy bangs are known to soften any face shape and draw attention to your features.

                                                                                  feathered fringe bangs for long hair

                                                                                  41) Hairstyle With See-Through Wispy Bangs

                                                                                  This bang style and wavy hair are best friends all day, err day! The way those brow-grazing strands complement her hair texture is absolutely swoon-worthy.

                                                                                    medium haircut with wispy bangs

                                                                                    42) Soft Fringe Haircut

                                                                                    A variant of curtain bangs, this fringe type is all about steering clear of dramatic changes. The most it’ll do is bring a soft, elegant, eccentric allure to your head of hair; as such, it pairs well with heart-shaped faces. Wear soft bangs with long hair, lob cuts or half-up, half-down do’s.

                                                                                      soft fringe bangs on long hair

                                                                                      43) Wolf Cut Hairstyle With Bangs

                                                                                      If you thought bang styles can only give off romantic or cool-girl vibes, you thought wrong. This wolf cut, for instance, is stunningly edgy and statement-making, made possible by the choppy micro bangs.

                                                                                        wolf cut hairstyle with bangs

                                                                                        44) Voluminous Bangs and Layers Galore

                                                                                        There’s always room for more layers! Isn’t it mesmerizing? And these bangs! They’re to die for.

                                                                                          Voluminous layers and curtain bangs

                                                                                          45) Blunt Lob With Thin Bangs

                                                                                          Surely, these must be the cutest bangs in the room! Because they’re airy and lightweight, they create such a delicious contrast against the blunt lob.

                                                                                            blunt lob with thin bangs

                                                                                            46) Choppy Hairstyle With Bangs

                                                                                            While fine choppy hair is inherently stunning, it could always use some extra volume. These brow-grazing bottleneck bangs lend visual volume to the mane, making it seem fuller and ten times chicer.

                                                                                              choppy hairstyle with bangs

                                                                                              47) Wispy Fringe for Dark Hair

                                                                                              There’s no denying that haircuts for women with bangs are richly versatile. Grazing the eyebrows oh-so-delicately, these wispy bangs allow you to seamlessly put your hair up in a bun or leave it down, without losing the initial glam.

                                                                                                wispy fringe bangs on dark hair

                                                                                                48) Pixie Bob Hairstyle With Bangs

                                                                                                So you’ve gone for one of the most popular (read: mesmeric) bang hairstyles this year? Fantastic! Take it up a notch higher by opting for bangs that’ll act as a literal attention magnet. Eyebrow-grazing choppy bangs at your service, ladies.

                                                                                                  pixie bob with bangs

                                                                                                  49) Natural Looking Hairstyle With Bangs

                                                                                                  You’ve already got long wavy hair, and we couldn’t be more envious. Now make it flowy and tantazingly textured by cutting some full bangs with a wispy finish. Older women, this one’s for you!

                                                                                                    long wavy hair with choppy bangs

                                                                                                    50) Long Blonde Hair With Mini Bangs

                                                                                                    Low-maintenance, effortless, supreme feature-enhancer–what more could you possibly want in a bang style?

                                                                                                      long blonde hair with short bangs

                                                                                                      51) Bangs for Pastel Hair

                                                                                                      We’ve seen countless cool-girl looks before, but this one easily takes the cake. The flipped-out fringe shoots the shaggy allure of the cut to the stratosphere.

                                                                                                        bangs on a pastel pink fanned out bob

                                                                                                        52) Long Shag Haircut With Bangs

                                                                                                        The curtain bangs in this cut don’t just frame the face in the most delightful way, they also lend an otherworldly allure to the overall look. Oozing a sense of mystery never hurt anyone, right?

                                                                                                          long shag cut with bangs

                                                                                                          53) Bangs for Short Brunette Hair 

                                                                                                          Long haircuts with bangs look wow, but short haircuts with a carefully-chosen, well-placed fringe? Wow-za! This ‘90s bob cut looks exceptionally feminine and elegant, and she has the eyebrow-grazing bangs to thank for that.

                                                                                                            bangs on a brunette bob

                                                                                                            54) Neck-Length Bob With Feathered Bangs

                                                                                                            Still on short hair with bangs hairstyles, a feathered fringe does a brilliant job at helping remove excess bulk from thick hair. Or if your hair is thin, it’ll give it a prominent and alluring lift. Go for a trendy color solution like this caramel balayage, and enjoy all eyes on you!

                                                                                                              neck length bob with feathered bangs

                                                                                                              55) Arched Bangs for a Choppy Haircut

                                                                                                              Want to take your long, fine hair from a not-so-confident 70 to a strong, inimitable 100 real quick? The arched fringe, point cut at the ends and featuring a sweetly distinctive shape, has got you covered. It’ll add movement and texture for days!

                                                                                                                arched bangs on a choppy cut

                                                                                                                56) Jagged Bangs for Board-Straight Hair

                                                                                                                Here is a nice haircut idea for brunettes with straight hair. Endless compliments, incoming.

                                                                                                                  jagged b bangs on a bob

                                                                                                                  57) Scrunched Hairstyle With Bangs

                                                                                                                  The scrunched locks of this model evoke thoughts of a bright sunny day by the sea shore, and we can’t stop drooling! Very subtle, barely-there waves look good with light straight bangs.

                                                                                                                    bangs on a shag cut

                                                                                                                    58) Eyebrow-Skimming Bangs for Layered Hair

                                                                                                                    This gal’s straight-across fringe features lightness and movement. It draws attention to her beautiful dark brown eyes and makes her face shape perfectly oval. If you have a long face, this gorgeous layered haircut with bangs will do your features justice.

                                                                                                                      Peekaboo bangs on a layered cut

                                                                                                                      59) Textured Fringe for a Long Haircut

                                                                                                                      Out with the ordinary, in with the extraordinary! This sliced shag gives you a really unique style that communicates your personality and fashion taste in a grand way.

                                                                                                                        textured fringe bangs on long hair

                                                                                                                        60) Below-the-Shoulder Wispy Haircut With Bangs

                                                                                                                        Wispy hairstyles are all the rage right now, and what better way to elevate the airiness and movement of your locks than going all out wispy? With the addition of wispy bangs, you’ll land a seemingly effortless look with a delicately cute touch; enough to have people thinking you’re a fictional character (The 100, anyone?).

                                                                                                                          wispy haircut with bangs
                                                                                                                          @shahdofhair & thelabasalon

                                                                                                                          Hairstyles & Haircuts With Bangs for Endlessly Banging Looks

                                                                                                                          Pheewks, what a thrilling ride that was! Now you know that hairstyles and haircuts with bangs can look great on any length, hair texture, and face shape.

                                                                                                                          Use your frontal strands to amplify your beauty, and feel free to experiment with a variety of bang hairstyles till you get it right!