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60 Curtain Bangs Hairstyles Women Are Rocking Right Now

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What do Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, and Farrah Fawcett have in common? No, it’s not a knack for hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons (hi, Miley). Rather, it is–you guessed it–their insatiable appetite for curtain bangs. 

They live, breathe, and swear by them, and it’s easy to see why; curtain bangs are artfully stylish yet delectably minimalist. 

In other words, they guarantee you the eyeballs without instigating a tug of war with your round brush and blow dryer every other morning. Name a bigger win in a modern girl’s style book, we’ll wait.

First Things First, What Exactly Are Curtain Bangs?

True to their name, curtain bangs are a type of bangs that frame your face on both sides, forming a curtain-esque effect as a result. The center is cut shorter on the inside and gradually cascades into longer pieces on the outside. Usually, the curtain fringe is parted down the middle, giving the look an easy-going, 70s retro vibe.

Impressively enough, there’s no face shape, hair type, or length that curtain bangs can’t flatter to perfection. Zero, zilch, nada.

Big foreheads, cheekbone-starved babes, girls who need their best features highlighted in 3D…the list is endless. A professional stylist is all you need to have you looking your banging best (get it?).

That said, take a look through this collection of curtain bangs photos to find inspiration for your next professional trip. Whatever you do, don’t try this at home.

Drumrolls, please.

1) Smooth Curtain Bangs

It’s spicy, alright; but what’s particularly eye-catching about this ‘do is how silky-smooth those frontal strands are. Serve it with curly ends for an all-action, any-place look that dares to dream.

Orange peekaboo curtain bangs

2) Fanned Curtain Bangs

A strand here, a strand there, and just enough of them where it matters. Your big forehead couldn’t be more grateful.

Curtain bangs with grey blends

3) Full Coverage Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are very epitome of versatility–wear them parted in the center or draped across your forehead like this babe.

fringe curtain bangs

4) Long Curtain Bangs With Highlights

Your eyes and face are guaranteed to shine with this chic, red-carpet hairstyle. As a bonus, you’ll have more volume and movement than you’ll know what to do with.

long curtain bangs with highlights

5) Balayage Long Curtain Bangs On Long Hair

Long hair looks totally different with curtain bangs–they make it look way hotter, especially if you’re endowed with naturally voluminous locks. Get a full-head or partial balayage to turn the look into a sure head-turner, minus the taunts.

Balayage long curtain bangs

6) Platinum Blonde and Curtain Bangs

Not only is this icy platinum color on point, but this long hair with center-parted bangs and laid-back waves is a major haircut inspiration.

icy platinum blonde curtain bangs

7) Curtain Bangs on Short Messy Bob

We said it here first; messy bobs are most appealing when paired with curtain bangs. Soft, tousled waves give off the oh-so-rare yet chic out-of-the-bed look and just enough tenderness to have necks craning.

Curtain bangs on short messy bob

8) Perfectly Parted Curtain Bangs

This is what we envision when we think about our dream curtain bangs. Accurately center-parted, whimsically color-drenched, and flattering our best facial features all at once; simply perfect!

middle part face framing curtain bangs

9) Relaxed Curtain Bangs

Don’t let your coarse hair limit your adventurous styling spirit. Sprinkle in well-balanced curtain bangs for good measure; the best part is that unlike fine-haired babes, you won’t have trouble maintaining the signature fringe.

deep purple hair

10) Classic ‘70s Fringe

Body, bend, and more body are the features of this stunningly colorful hairdo. Even without the popping orange hue, oblong and oval face babes can smile knowing they’re rocking the classiest, most flattering curtain fringe to ever exist.

70's fringe

11) Long Flipped Curtain Bangs

Trust your stylist to pull off this intricate cut; after all, those picture-perfect bangs won’t style themselves, will they? The outcome is a look that suits different face shapes and hair textures with seamless ease; we’re totally sold!

flipped curtain bangs

12) Pastel Pink

Curtain haircut with feathered bangs looks ravishingly feminine, but that’s just one of its many, many perks. An underrated one is softening or improving some aspects of appearance, such protruding cheekbones; stylish pastel pink combined with blunt ends score additional points.

soft pastel pink hair

13) Face-Framing Fringe

Goldie Hawn would be proud. This multi-colored long fringe flatters those eyes and oval face like nobody’s business.

multi coloured curtain bangs

14) Long Curtain Bangs on Medium Hair

Color work and perfectly cut curtain bangs are every hairstylist’s dream job, yours included. Let them go ham with this beauty!

Curtain bangs on thick hair

15) Short Feathered Curtain Bangs

We know; the color job here is absolutely mental. Even more alluring is the sight of the soft layers blending effortlessly into the hair; short hair girls, you’re in luck.

short bob with fringe and mustard peekaboo

16) Sandy Blonde Curtain Bangs With Waves

Armed with a curling iron and texturizing spray, curl your straight hair outwards to perfectly imitate the ends of this stunner. Granted, it’ll pair well with your long, voluminous fringe.

sandy blonde curtain bangs with waves

17) Jaw-Length Curtain Bangs

Lucky you, if you have an oblong face! Opt for thick bangs that run all the way down to your jaw or chin to create a lovely, rounded look; your facial features will thank you.

jaw length curtain bangs

18) Curtain Bangs On Below-the-Shoulders Hair

Center part? Check. Soft, tousled waves? Check-check. Your medium-long hair won’t need a second invitation to pop for days on end.

Tousled waves

19) Fire and Ice

We don’t know what we love more; the subtle dash of orange right where it pops the most or the perfectly-shaped bangs with a wispy feel to them. Either way, you’re guaranteed bounce, volume, and everything nice with this look.

fire and ice dye combo

20) Jet Black Long Hair With Curtain Bangs

Hello? That’s the 70’s calling to say, yes, the classic bangs are back; a curtain fringe + long hair = retro-modern perfection. 

70's cut

21) Modern Shag Cut With Curtain Bangs

Look effortlessly put together with this sleek yet low-maintenance. The soft bangs blend seamlessly with the soft shaggy tresses to yield ample volume and bounce; we totally dig!

Curtain bangs on a shag cut

22) Very Long Caramel Curtain Bangs

These curtain bangs are as long and subtle as they come, which makes them superbly low-maintenance. If you don’t like them, they’ll simply be layers in a month!

Caramel curtain bangs

23) Short and Sweet

Whoever said short curtain bangs and long or medium-length hair are a no-no hasn’t laid eyes on this stunner. The contrast is unmistakably gorgeous–it emphasizes your facial structure and adds tons of dimension.


24) Long Feathered Curtain Bangs

Long hair and feathered curtain bangs that frame your face are undoubtedly a match made in heaven. This scintillating combination makes fine hair look more voluminous and adds movement; for that chic super diva effect, go blonde.

Feathered curtain bangs on platinum blonde hair

25) Curtain Bangs on Textured Hair

Fun, funky, and playful are the calling cards of this magnificent hairstyle. Long, textured layers guarantee movement and bounce in spades, without the extra styling effort.

Textured hair with bangs

26) Chunky Highlights and Step Layers

Keep long thick hair light with this bouncy style. With face-framing bangs that skim over the cheekbones, hair will look full without being overbearing; chunky highlights add glitz and glam on an already swoon-worthy head of hair.

chunky highlights and step layers

27) Wispy Curtain Bangs and Long Layers

MAJOR IMPACT ALERT! We want those perfectly thinned out curtain bangs for ourselves too; goodbye, ultra-heavy fringe.

wispy curtain bangs and long layers

28) Flipped Curtain Bangs and Step Layers

For a sultry and sexy effect, opt for a flipped-out fringe that perfectly complements the heavily layered cut below. They’ll look so good together, you’d think they’re one; dinner look, served.

flipped curtain bangs and step layers

29) Rich Copper and Face-Framing Fringe

Nothing spells sexy like face-framing curtain bangs. This sassy hairstyle is for those who desire full fringes, plenty of layers, and a head-turning hue (read: something warm) that scores big anywhere and everywhere.


30) Rich Burgundy and Long Face-Framing Bangs

Speaking of statement-making color jobs, you can’t possibly go wrong with burgundy. Throw in long curtain bangs, and you have a look that unfailingly directs attention to all your best features; LOVELY!

rich burgundy and face framing bangs

31) Peekaboo Curtain Bangs

We didn’t think we’d see the day when peekaboo bangs and classic curtain bangs would merge in such effortless fashion; we’re seriously impressed. To complete the look, add layers for volume; straight hair babes, the salon is calling.

Curtain bangs with lots of layers

32) Deep Copper Brown and Curtain Bangs

If you like looking like an absolute bombshell, copper brown and long curtain bangs are a winning combination. Girls with round or heart-shaped faces will particularly fancy the flattering effects of this style.

deep copper brown hair

33) Shaggy Bob and Eye-Grazing Curtain Bangs

If you have a messy, tousled mane, you can choose flicked-out curtain bangs and let them linger seductively around the eyes. Some extra texture and sass ‘never killed nobody’, right?

shaggy bob curtain bangs

34) Bronde Lob With Curtain Bangs

A long bronde lob with curtain bangs and curled-under ends is a very sexy hairstyle with gorgeous volume. ‘Nuff said.

Bronde lob with curtain bangs

35) Eye-Grazing Curtain Bangs On a Cute Little Shag

There’s so much cuteness and character going on here (read: gorgeous fanned bangs, balayaged shag, eye-grazing effect) that we are totally spoilt for choice. Your girlfriends and onlookers will feel the exact same way, granted.

Curtain bangs on a shag cut

36) Green Hair With Multicolored Curtain Bangs

For the daring short hair babe, opt for this colorful tousled inverted bob with vibrant bangs to match. Boldness pays, after all.

green bob with curtain bangs

37) Layered Curtain Bangs With Wavy Hair

Volume-focused and classic, the long wavy hairstyle with layered curtain bangs is always a hit for both casual and formal outings. The pink boho hue rocked by this girl takes the look to a whole new level.

shades of pink highlights

38) Purple and Popping

Worried that your shoulder-length hair and teasy curtain bangs won’t attract as much attention as you’d want? Call upon the powers of purple hue, and the rest, as they say, will be history.

purple split dye

39) Softly Layered Curtain Bangs

Your eyes, forehead, and cheeks could seriously use a style that flatters, enhances, and softens them in equal measure. This alluring copper hairdo is ready to pull all the stops for you.

softly layered curtain bangs

40) Layered Curtain Bangs On Blonde Hair

With this ‘do, the rest of your hair can (finally) take a backseat and let the frontal tresses shine–just like it’s meant to be. The layered bangs guarantee extra zazz, while the curls at the end bring with them ample volume and dimension.

Layered curtain bangs on blonde hair

41) Pops of Pink

Moving away delicately from the face, these curtain bangs are delicious enough as they are. The brushstrokes of pink running all the way down provide the perfect backdrop for the fringe to shine even more.

pops of pink

42) Melted Sunset Bold Moneypiece

There are money pieces, and then there’s THIS moneypiece. When paired together with long bangs that hover tantalizingly over your cheekbones, the result is a truly red-carpet-worthy look; the cameras will be flashing all the way!

sunset blonde money piece hair

43) Medium-Length Copper Hair with Bangs and Layers

Accentuate the tenderness of your copper hair with soft, ultra-smooth bangs that cover just enough of your forehead to hide it. Everyone who’ll spot you will want to touch, not just look (you are welcome).

Curtain bangs on copper hair

44) Curtain Bangs, Pink Money Piece and Copper Red Hair

Your long hair is stunning. Add curtain bangs and distinctive money pieces, and make it mouth-watering.

Curtain bangs on pink money piece copper red hair

45) 90s Inspired Curtain Bangs

90s inspired curtain bangs are back with a, well, bang. And this hairdo is all about the feathered look with lots of layers in between. 

90s inspired curtain bangs

46) Curtain Bangs and Top Knot 

Top knots always look fantastic, but adding some face-framing fringe takes the classic style to show-stopping levels.

top knot

47) Subtle Wave Curtain Bangs

Wait, that’s not a wave? As this hairstyle depicts, it’s possible for curtain bangs to appear like waves, as long as they are shaped to perfection; curling iron to the rescue!

Curtain bangs with subtle waves

48) Mid-Length Curtain Bangs

Not quite short, not quite long, these curtain bangs are the BFF that your choppy layers wish they had. Time to fulfil that wish!

mid length curtain bangs

49) Mid-Length Shag Haircut With Curtain Bangs

In case you have medium-length hair and want to try hairstyles with curtain bangs, you can use layers to create texture and volume for a smart, on-trend look. Oh, and did we mention this style absolutely flatters oblong and long faces?

shag cut with curtain bangs

50) Babylights on Curtain Bangs

Three words: delicate, delectable, stunning. The cake that is this soft fringe will taste (look) even better with the cherry that is babylights.

babylights on curtain bangs

51) Textured Haircut and Curtain Bangs

Ladies with thin hair texture often choose curtain bangs to create an illusion of volume and dimension; you could be next.

Textured curtain bangs

52) Lots and Lots Of Layers

We’ll tell you what we don’t love about this long, layered cut with well-defined bangs: absolutely nothing (Jennifer Lopez would agree). The tousled roots make the style look glamorous and carefree at the same time, and we can’t stop staring.

layered curtain bangs

53) Spicy and Sassy

When carved out on long dark hair, even the longest bangs can appear short, but that’s a good thing–your eyes get the focus and interest they so richly deserve. The flicked-out ends add spice for an overall sophisticated, cool-girl look.

sassy curtain bangs on long jet black hair

54) Curtain Bangs for Oval Face

This hairstyle is SO classy and super chic, evidenced by just how well it balances and evens out the oval face (diamond face babes can celebrate, too). Use a smoothing serum or product to add shine and your flat iron to create a slick flick in your bangs.

Curtain bangs on an oval face

55) Bold and Beautiful

We totally get it, a curtain bang is a scary proposition for long hair girls, but this hairstyle is proof that taking the leap may just pay off. The look is downright daring and sophisticated, thanks to layered curtain bangs that flip outwards and ends that gently flip inwards; PICTURE-PERFECT!

Curtain bangs on long hair

56) Barely-There Curtain Bangs

Ease your way into the curtain bangs world with a fringe that is as noticeable as it is unnoticeable. In case you aren’t properly impressed within the first few weeks, you can always grow out the bangs and allow them to join the rest of your hair; no losses, just wins!

rarely there curtain bangs

57) Loose Curtain Bangs

We love how the teasy, few-strand bangs are lovingly inviting us to check out ‘em peepers and that gorgeous rectangle face. It’s a perfect example of how to pull off face-framing layers.

loose curtain bangs

58) Sleek Curtain Bangs With Straight Hair

Go the sleek route–rather than shaggy–with this hairdo. To smooth things out, use a straightener, and for added sheen, a shine spray or leave-in conditioner can get the job done without fuss.

Curtain bangs on straight hair with soft face framing layers

59) Choppy Curtain Bangs On Shoulder-Length Hair

No doubt, the volume and texture here are to die for. But can we take a moment to appreciate just how seamlessly those bangs shape and accentuate the round face; weekend look, served hot.

choppy curtain bangs

60) Curtain Bangs On Short Wavy Hair

Wondering how to make your short hair less predictable and more alluring? A good stylist can fix that; this trendy messy bob with flicked curtain bangs is one of the images you can show your hairstylist.

Curtain bangs on short wavy hair

Get Ready, Set, Dazzle!

It doesn’t matter your hair type, the length of your tresses, or the celebrity you’re imitating, curtain bangs will flatter the heck out of your best features–softly, deliciously, and with absolutely no apologies.

So the question now becomes: to put or not put curtain bangs?

We can already hear your tresses saying a majestic YES! What are you waiting for? Your trek to the summit of hairstyle fashionability starts now, go!

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