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60 Trendy Pixie Cuts & Hairstyles For 2024

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Sensational American singer Josephine Baker can be credited for many things, but never the inception of the pixie cut.

Oh wait, she’s one of its greatest ever ambassadors!

Her debut in the 1930s cast the then underrated and underappreciated pixie onto the limelight . However, it wasn’t until the early 1950s that the undeniably chic hairstyle really took off. 

Audrey Hepburn. That’s the name responsible for putting the pixie on top of the hairstyles charts. After wearing it in her debut film Roman Holiday, the world immediately fell hook, line, and sinker for the style, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Fast forward to today, and we’re struggling to keep count of the number of celebrities who’ve rocked the heck out of pixie cuts. Emma Watson, Katty Perry, and Charlize Theron, to name a few, have all had a bite of the pixie apple, much to their fans’ delight (that’s us, guilty as charged).

So if you’re thinking of taking the lack-of-length dive, know that you’re in excellent company.

What is a Pixie Cut?

Inherently a short women’s hairstyle, a pixie cut is characterized by shorter sides and back and a top that’s slightly longer. 

Those who fancy it do so because it’s both incredibly versatile and gloriously low-maintenance. 

No frequent change-outs, no wasted minutes in front of the mirror every other morning (uurgh)–just a humble cut that fits your definition of a modern hairstyle to a tee.

Speaking of modern, a styled and slicked back pixie is definitely hot, but it’s not the end-all be-all of this trend. There’s always the option of wearing it messy and undone, just like your favorite celebrity.

Now we hear you asking, “How well can a pixie cut flatter my face shape?” Easy: well enough to want to rock it again and again. 

Even so, consider the shape of your head before deciding on the length and shape. Why look like a half-baked cake when you can stop the freakin’ show!

60 Sizzling Hot Pixie Haircuts That Are Worth a Try This Year

The options below range from spunky and sleek to cute and curly, with enough options to suit any woman’s style. Take a look.

1) Curly Pixie Cut

Be brave; let your naturally curly hair partake in the pixie magic. While at it, keep a curl cream within reach so those ringlets are always on lock.

curly pixie cut

2) Balayage Pixie Cut

Elegant and on-trend, subtle caramel balayage will always be a great style choice for young and older women alike. For maintenance’s sake, ask for long bangs.

Balayage pixie cut

3) Messy Pastel Pink Pixie Undercut

If you don’t already know, we love a carefree hairstyle; we also love a color that pops. This ‘do offers the best of both worlds, complete with edgy bangs that scream glamor from a distance.

pastel pink pixie with and undercut

4) Classic Ginger Pixie Cut

The classic bobbed pixie features longer strands on the top and around the top and shorter graduated hair at the back. Few things are as good as the original, so consider this pixie hairstyle if you want something on the trendier side.

classic ginger pixie

5) Spike Pixie Cut

Say hello to the newest baddie look in town. It features edgy, piece-y layers on the top or crown area, and you’re going to love it.

6) Short Fluffy Pixie

With textured volume on top and a close crop on the sides, this cut merges party and business quite seamlessly. Need we tell you that it’s the ultimate any-occasion look?

short fluffy pixie

7) Voluminous Pixie Cut

Now that’s the amount of volume we ordered! Much as you might want to trim down the sides a bit for a sassy look, be sure to leave plenty of length on top to play with.

blonde voluminous pixie

8) Faux Hawk Pixie

Fake it till you make it, right? Your canvas is your medium-length hair; leave it cropped on the sides and spiky around the crown area for an edgy, out-of-the-ordinary look.

faux hawk pixie

9) Pixie Cut With Fanned Fringe

Stay on the softer side of pixie cuts with this sophisticated, laid-back style. Your eyes can’t wait to pop against those soft, pointy bangs.

pixie cut with fanned fringe

10) Stacked Pixie With Micro Bangs

This fairytale-esque cut has a little bit of everything– a stacked crown, piece-y layers, and face-framing baby bangs for extra impact. The result is cool and whimsical at the same time.

stacked pixie with micro bangs

11) Platinum Pixie Bob With Side Swept Bangs

She’s beauty, and she’s grace. If you have naturally thick hair, you can rock this celebrity-approved look without question; sprinkle in face-framing pieces so your eyes and cheekbones can shine in CAPS.

Platinum pixie with side swept bangs

12) Piece-y Bangs

Upgrade your typical pixie cut and style it with a piece-y fringe featuring a warm, vivid, and exciting hue. Copper is most women’s go-to for the simple reason that it flatters every skin tone.

piece-y bangs

13) Slicked Back Pixie

Who else to showcase this super chic style than its (cough) permanent owner? Imitate Shailene Woodley’s look to a tee using nothing more than a hair straightener and your favorite styling gel.

slicked back pixie

14) Platinum Pixie For Women Over 60

If this pixie cut could talk, it’d say something sleek and sophisticated. Platinum-colored, long side bangs, tousled crown–it’s got it all.

Platinum pixie for women over 60

15) Silver Blonde Pixie

Turn heads with this stunning silver-hued hair! This color is best for those with a cool skin tone. Match it with a cropped pixie, and you’re always red carpet-ready.

silver blonde pixie

16) Retro Pixie Cut

Turn back the clock, literally. This pixie gets edgy with curtain bangs and short, choppy layers, being a great choice for thick hair beauties (personally, we think flicky bangs hide most flaws, no?).

retro pixie cut

17) Copper Pixie Cut

We dare you to show us a more stunning pixie ‘do. The copper base is in itself a showstopper; add in a meticulous center part and contrasting caramel highlights, and you have absolutely killed the show!

copper pixie cut

18) Choppy Pixie Cut

Short haircuts don’t have to be boring and predictable. With this look, a bit of texturizing spray adds grit and movement for a complex style that will pull in compliments straight away.

choppy pixie

19) Blonde Textured Pixie

Is it just us, or is the textured pixie criminally underrated, especially when paired with blonde? This hairdo proves that even if you own brown hair, you can get your dream look with the right hairstylist, products, and a fair pinch of boldness (read: layers and cropping).

blonde textured pixie

20) Bleached Pixie

Although pixie cuts are known for being low-maintenance, there are some virtually zero-maintenance options–like this dark blonde stunner right here. Air drying usually suffices to keep short layers in place.

bleached pixie

21) Short Textured Bright Copper Pixie Cut

An inch shorter, and it’d have mimicked a close shave pixie. Thankfully, it’s got enough height to let short layers run wild; thick hair beauties can start licking their lips already.

short textured ginger pixie

22) Stacked Purple Curly Pixie Cut

We dare you to say one bad thing about this curly pixie. Zero, nada? We thought so; this is what happens when major texture means bold styling, a truly sensational number sure to have the style gods smiling.

stacked purple curly pixie cut

23) 90s Halle Berry Inspired Pixie Cut

A stacked feathery top and stylishly close cropped sides are the calling cards of this breathtaking vintage pixie. Bewarned, you’ll attract more attention than you’ll know what to do with.

90s halle berry inspired pixie

24) Feathered Pixie For Women Over 60

The perfect lightweight look for older women comes in the shape of this modern pixie with feathery layers. Don’t be afraid to throw in uneven bangs; they’ll add some distinctive chic to your style, all while helping you look half your age.

feathered pixie for women over 60

25) Shaved Nape Pixie

It’s stylish, sassy, and looks fabulous from all angles. This pixie variation says you just don’t have time for getting older.

shaved nape pixie cut

26) Blueberry Jagged Pixie

This daring cut is a perfect example of volume, dimension, and texture done right. The chances of not turning heads with that color, in particular, are practically zero.

blueberry jagged pixie

27) Brunette Pixie Cut

Can we observe a moment of silence for those ultra-smooth layers around the crown? Overall, the look is super neat and minimalistic, easy to style, and elegant for both work and play; what more could brunette beauties possibly want?

Brunette pixie cut

28) Long Asymmetrical Pixie Cut For Straight Hair

It’s a little retro, a whole lot sassy. The deep side part builds a traditionally feminine shape, while the extra long side bangs enhance its playful quality.

long pixie for straight hair

29) Blonde Pixie With Choppy Layers

Granted, this stunning shaggy pixie with side-swept bangs will wow your next dinner date. The gorgeous blonde layers lend this look volume and edgy texture, while the highlights do a brilliant job of emphasizing the dimension up top.

blonde pixie with choppy layers

30) Graduated Pixie

We have a thousand words we could say about this part-pixie part-bob hairstyle, but we’ll let the picture do the talking (get it?).

graduated pixie

31) Pixie Cut With Long Bangs

Caution: seeing this haircut might result in making a spontaneous hair appointment. Can’t go wrong with elongated bangs, a tousled crown, and a deep side part–especially if it’s your first time to try pixie cuts.

Pixie cut with long bangs

32) Tousled Pixie

Your fabulous hair texture deserves to be paraded in 3D, and a short cut offers the perfect environment to do just that. This style is a must-do if you’re looking to highlight your cheekbones in all their bliss. 

tousled platinum pixie cut

33) Soft Buzz Cut

One of the most on-trend styles for short hair, the buzz pixie is cute and funky all year round. The softly layered crown adds depth and dimension, while the blonde color makes a serious style statement; we can’t help but ogle. 

soft buzz cut

34) Side Part Pixie

Side parts will never lead you astray, especially if you’re sporting naturally straight hair. It’s the coolest way to soften and balance out your facial features; trust us.

side part pixie

35) Pixie Cut With Highlights On Fine Hair

Due to its varied lengths, the long, layered pixie looks super cool and edgy. The random razored layers throughout generate additional thickness around the crown, while the dirty blonde highlights make it the epitome of adventurous.

pixie cut with highlights on fine hair

36) Layered Pixie With Brow-Grazing Bangs

Feeling wild and free starts with your head–literally. Give your hair a little autonomy with this short, shaggy, multi-layered pixie; don’t be shocked if you notice an extra spring in your step.

layered pixie with brow grazing bangs

37) Shaggy Pixie With an Undercut

Undercut pixie cuts are as low-maintenance as it gets. The edgy finish of this style keeps things extremely airy while delivering a sleek lift on the crown; runway look, nailed. 

shaggy pixie with an undercut

38) Classic Pompadour Pixie Cut

Getting a pompadour haircut will be the cheesiest thing you’ll do all year, unless you’re Kelly Osbourne. This style is rocking an extra exaggerated top with a wispy finish, but that can only mean one thing: the compliments you’ll rake in will be extra.

Classic pompadour pixie cit

39) Tapered Pixie With a Shredded Top

Listen, nothing can pull off a tapered look like a thick head of hair; that’s just the truth. With the right approach to gradient and texturizing, your cute pixie will be giving curly crops a run for their money volume-wise.

tapered pixie with shredded top

40) Face Framing Short Bangs

Face-hugging micro pieces open up your face brilliantly, as long as you get them there with the help from a boar bristle brush and a versatile leave-in. Add short layers to make this style outright electrifying.

pixie with face framing short bangs

41) Long Hair Pixie Transformation

WHAT. A. TRANSFORMATION. Alright, we’ll ring up our salonist and get the big chop done ASAP.

long hair pixie cut

42) V-Cut Nape Pixie

Want to look good from all angles imaginable? This little number with a sharp nape has got your back (excuse the pun); include some highlights to accentuate your eye color.

v-cut nape pixie

43) Short Choppy Pixie

A layered short chop can be loaded with pizzazz and personality. With this style, a two-tone or multi-tone hair color adds creative allure so your hair never looks flat. 

short blonde choppy pixie

44) Inverted Pixie For Women Over 60

Or as we like to call it, an ‘almost bob’. Featuring short, stacked back and long, layered sides, this classic cut is sure to take your short hair to the next level–both in terms of texture and shape.

Inverted pixie for women over 60

45) Edgy Spiky Pixie

Adding spiky tufts on top is a foolproof way to conjure a messy, no-fuss look that manifests freedom and versatility. It’s for days when you’d rather be deemed playful than laid-back.

edgy spiky pixie

46) Pixie With Tousled Waves

This cut walks the line between wild and refined. The closely cropped sides lend ample volume and movement up top, giving tousled waves room to shine.

pixie with tousled waves

47) Wispy Pixie

Things we’re grateful for: puppies, hot biscuits, and the fact that wispy haircuts have never really gone out of style. This ‘do is particularly great for medium to thick hair because it can add movement all while reducing bulk from your tresses.

wispy pixie

48) Spunky Pixie

When we spot runway-ready cuts like this one, we’re left wondering why some women are reluctant to take the plunge. Play with angles and layers in a way that brings out your best features; the feathery baby bangs and caramel hue add a delectable twist to this pixie.

spunky pixie

49) Long on Top, Cropped on the Sides

Sharp, sleek, voluminous where it matters–what’s not to envy about this Charlize Theron-inspired cut? To score a similar style, request for long pieces on top to style for occasions, and closely cut sides for easy maintenance.

long on top, cropped on the sides

50) Cropped Pixie With Uneven Layers & Bangs

Normal is boring. Inject verve into your short haircut with the help of messy styling, ample teasing, and your favorite texturizing product; the outcome is delightfully disproportionate bangs and layers that won’t beg to be noticed.

cropped pixie with uneven layers and bangs

51) Outgrown Pixie With Soft Layers

Nothing freshens up a long pixie like layers and razored ends. The middle part is the icing on the cake, ensuring your hair never veers into helmet-hair territory.

outgrown pixie with soft layers

52) Mullet Pixie

The textured length and razored finish make this style look cooler-than-cool. Your cheekbones and eyes are in for a treat because all this cut does is flatter and flaunt your best features.

mullet pixie cut

53) Gray Pixie Haircut For Women Over 60

This cropped pixie is perfect for women over 50 looking to embrace their gray hair. No way your dark/brown eyes and brows won’t pop against the oh-so-cool platinum backdrop.

gray pixie cut for women over 60

54) Low Maintenance Pixie For Thick Hair

To tame thick hair while rocking a pixie cut, go for an effortlessly glamorous side-parted take. It’s also great for showing off that bone structure.

low maintenance pixie for thick hair

55) Piece-y Pixie

Here’s your next rebel look served hot. Ultra-flattering and versatile, this ear-grazing cut gets a kick from intricate layering and precise chopping.

piece-y pixie cut

56) Hepburn Inspired Pixie

What better way to pay homage to the propagator of the pixie cut than to rock the exact hairstyle she wore back then? Bonus points if you are do-eyed and have a stunning bone structure.

Hepburn inspired pixie cut

57) Long Layered Pixie For Fine Hair

This blonde pixie bob features a long side-swept fringe on one side, which creates a sleek, asymmetrical look. The smooth, neatly-arranged layers of varying lengths make it pop!

long layered pixie cut for fine hair

58) Short Androgynous Cut For Girls

Embrace your Yang and Yin duality with this bold look that goes outside the choice dictated by heteronormative codes (yaaay!). If you won’t love the style for its frisky bangs that delicately brush over the eyes, you’ll certainly love it for the gorgeous color mash-up that’s bound to have your tresses singing.

rainbow andronygous pixie cut

59) Pixie Cut For Thin Hair

The highlights and soft feathering of this undercut pixie will help you leave a lasting impression on everyone!

pixie cut for thin hair

60) Disheveled Pixie Cut

If you are rocking an outgrown pixie, you can make it feel brand-new with a cool pair of flicked-out bangs. Sprinkle in tousled layers for a casual, care-free look, or if you are up for a sophisticated office look, a sleek side-part is your best friend. 

Dishevelled pixie cut

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