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60 Youthful Short Haircuts For Women Over 50

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The thing about growing old is that hair texture and color change drastically.

That’s how we justify not having fun with our hair when we reach our 50s, right?

We get it, what worked in the 1990s might not really be a perfect fit right now. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you blindly settle for the frumpy hairstyles older women are expected to rock after turning 50 (lookin’ at you, one-length cuts).

Even at your age, it’s possible to get inspired by brand-new do’s and find your most flattering next cut. No matter your thoughts on short versus long, gray versus no gray, the hairstyles below are bound to have you dialing up your salonist right away.

From pixie cuts to inverted bobs, shag cuts & more. Get ready to age like fine wine with these ageless short hairstyles for older women.

1) Classic Bob For Women Over 50

We could go on all day about the perks of this timeless ‘do, but we’ll cut to the chase and list just three: it frames the face beautifully, accommodates any type of fringe, and requires little to no styling effort. LOVE!

classic bong with a fringe for women over 50

2) Classic Pixie For Women Over 50

Options. That’s what you’ll get with this epic cut; add layers on top for extra volume, whip in some piece-y bangs for a messy (but coifed!) feel, or try both like the sophisticated woman that you are.

classic pixie cut for women over 50

3) Tousled Long Undercut Pixie

Take your long pixie up a few notches–er, inches. This not-your-basic short haircut majorly delivers in the volume department; trust the side-swept bangs to hide your forehead wrinkles like they were never there.

tousled long undercut pixie for older women

4) Piece-y Pixie With Fringe

Classic vibes meet modern with this stunning choppy pixie. The poppy color on its own will have you looking half your age.

piece-y purple pixie with a fringe

5) Choppy Pixie 

When hair goes flat, we go choppy. Instantly transform any short cut into something way more playful and statement-making by adding uneven layers around the crown.

choppy pixie for women over 50

6) Feathered Pixie in Platinum Blonde

This hairstyle looks like it’s ready to head out and have a ladies’ lunch–for thin hair beauties only (duh!). It’s hard to beat the combo of light blonde and well-defined layers; youthful look, guaranteed.

feathered pixie in platinum blonde

7) Textured Pixie

Halle Berry has effortlessly pulled off this chic style time and again, why not you? With only some pomade for adding texture and separate hair pieces, you’ll be ready for the red carpet in no time!

textured pixie for older women

8) Spiked Pixie

This hairstyle is another tribute to the power of a volumized crown. While it does require a bit of product (think: heavy, wax-based spray), it’s worth it; the additional height creates the illusion that the face shape is longer, a big W for round face gals.

spiky pixie for older women

9) Very Short Pixie for Older Women

Love a hairstyle that does the most while still letting your facial features shine? Us too; dyed blonde with a feathered crown, this cut is stunningly feminine and classy.

short pixie for older women

10) Salt and Pepper Pixie With Long Bangs

If you play your cards right–as in, utilize gray blending technique–you can keep those silver strands looking their best at any age. This cut (and color) is as low-maintenance as it gets.

salt and pepper pixie with long bangs

11) Shaved Pixie Hairstyle With Nape Undercut

If your middle name is daring, then this bombshell gray pixie is your ticket to a trendy, modern look. The combo of shaved sides and spiky crown is guaranteed to turn heads.

shaved pixie with nape undercut

12) Wavy Pixie

We say, “Bring on ‘em waves.” Nothing gives us more oomph than a cut with extra length left on the crown and top; it flaunts bounce and movement like nobody’s business.

wavy pixie for older women

13) Short Shag Cut

This cut says one thing: no styling limits. Break out the texturizing spray and styling wax, because this shag loves them both; the result is a little more vibrancy and a whole lot sass.

short shag cut for women over 50

14) Blonde Curls For Gray Hair

Want to know the secret of these deliciously groomed curls? Moisture, moisture, and some more moisture; with the right hair care product, your naturally curly hair will look like you’ve just left the salon.

curly pixie for older women

15) Stacked Blonde Bob

We love an elegant, no-fuss look when rocking a short ‘do, and this bob cut is basically schooling all of the others. Ultra-sleek and ultra-layered, the back section of this feathered bob means business.

stacked bob for older women

16) Short Layered Bob

This cut is an excellent choice for adding a flair of softness and the illusion of depth to fine hair. It revamps thick hair just as well, creating texture and definition in spades.

short layered blonde bob for older women

17) Elegant Jaw-Length French Bob

A touch of je ne sais quoi is all your go-to traditional bob needs to look this good. Blunt ends, refined layers, and a modern chin-hugging length come together for a chic cut suitable for any occasion.

jaw length French bob for older women

18) Smokey Wispy Undercut Pixie

Pinterest-worthy wispy layers look amazing on an undercut pixie. Just be ready to commit to regular styling as these on-trend loose waves tend to fade pretty fast.

smokey wispy undercut pixie for older women

19) Long Pixie With Highlights

We never mind bringing joyful summer vibes into short hairstyles for women over 50, and this creamy, natural-looking shade makes the soft, airy texture really stand out. 

long pixie cut with highlights for older women

20) Bouncy Bob For Straight Hair

Those with fine hair will definitely appreciate the show-stopping capabilities of this iconic neck-length bob. Spice up this mid-length bob with razored ends to give your hair more texture and movement.

bouncy bob for straight hair

21) Cropped Pixie Cut For Women Over 50

There’s no bad time to opt for gray blending and rock a cropped cut at the same time. Plus, it’s the perfect shortcut for instant cheekbones; we approve!

cropped pixie cut for women over 50

22) Voluminous Gray Pixie Cut

This unruly style gives you the shape and body you want without too much work. With nothing more than your trusty volumizing products, this low-maintenance cut will stay high and long all day long; bleach the ends for a distinctive lightweight touch.

Voluminous gray pixie cut for older women

23) A-Line Bob With Side Swept Bangs

Scrap a few years off your face and hair with this trendy, super chic ‘do. And given angled bobs have a reputation for being extremely versatile, you’re guaranteed a dozen ways to look several decades younger; now that’s a major W!

A-Line bob with side swept bangs

24) Rounded Bob In Dark Chocolate Brown

Jaw, dropped; first of all, that alluring hair color is what a 30-year-old you would rock to an afternoon date (cue: more compliments than you can handle). Second, it’s the perfect solution for older women with thinning hair–volume and texture overload!

rounded bob in dark chocolate brown for older women

25) Long Curly Pixie 

Thinning hair, more stress? This messy cut strongly disagrees; it allows you to keep some length while embracing your aging hair, all without keeping your styling time to a minimum–that sounds like a lot less stress to us.

long curly pixie for women over 50

26) Gray Pixie Bob Cut For Fine Hair

Want to catch on a hair trend that keeps on giving good, bolder looks? Look no further, and you won’t even need to break your hair care products to pull off this do; some above-average scissor skills will do.

gray pixie bob cut for fine hair

27) Chin Bob

Spell iconic without spelling iconic. Despite being around for decades, this timeless face-hugging cut hasn’t lost its allure; throw in some delicate bangs to attain an effortless touch that requires zero (read: more time with the gals) additional styling.

chin length bob for women over 50

28) Straight Lob

Call every other short haircut boring but this one. The combination of long bangs and curled-under ends makes it one of the most unique and exciting hairstyles you’ll ever don.

Straight lob

29) Pin Straight Bob

Your natural hair color–yes, even if it’s silver–is begging to make a statement. Pair it with a textured, blunt bob for a chic and classic overall style sure to have onlookers craning.

pin straight bob

30) Soft Modern Shag

This short shag haircut for women over 50 looks absolutely dreamy. The length of the frontal tresses is perfect to show off your jawline, and the bangs can seamlessly cover your big forehead.

soft modern shag for women over 50

31) Bouncy Lob

If you have thick hair, this hairstyle is a fail-safe way to embrace your texture. It features midway-to-ends layering and works brilliantly with longer side-swept bangs.

bouncy lob

32) Beachy Lob

At-the-beach hang-out, anyone? A gorgeous cool-girl look like this one is easy to achieve; simply soak your natural hair in some sea salt spray and let it air dry. 

beachy for women over 50

33) Shoulder-Length Natural Curls

Below-the-chin curly haircuts are perfect for those who struggle to maintain long curly hair but don’t want to go too short. Natural wavy hair texture gives you that airness and dimension you might need in your mid-to-late 50s.

shoulder length natural curls for older women

34) Tousled Graduated Bob For Older Women

We can’t think of a reason why we shouldn’t rock this signature full-bodied bob this year. It’s ever-so-nostalgic.

Tousled graduated bob for older women

35) Sculptured Bob Cut

This edgy approach to the modern bob features face-framing layers, but keeps the flippy bangs of the original cut. Opt for a side part, as it compliments more face shapes than one down the middle.

bob cut with side swept curtain bangs

36) Full Bangs

Not restricting yourself in the bangs department is taking a leap you won’t regret. For starters–we’ll say it–it effortlessly covers any fine lines; two, it can feel modern and classy at the same time. DOUBLE SCORE!

wavy bob with bangs for women over 50

37) Short Bowl Cut

One timelessly chic haircut, coming right up. Keep the fringe and perimeter as blunt as possible, and toss in plenty of piece-y layers for extra dimension and ZING!

short bowl cut for women over 50

38) Fly-Away Shaggy Bob With Bangs

Forget about your fritz-fighting shampoo and conditioner for once. The best part about this messy ‘do is that it flatters (literally) any face shape, and those delicate bangs styled to the side are your wrinkle’s best friend. 

fly away shaggy bob with bangs

39) Cute Pixie With Long Bangs

We aren’t kidding, a youthful pixie cut like this one can knock off a solid 5-10 years off your age. It’s got enough strands to yield a bouncier and fuller look–something your 25-year-old self would be proud of!

short blonde pixie with long bangs for older women

40) Sleek Silver Bob

We can’t hide our excitement, that deep side-part is an absolute show-stopper. Couple it up with ash or silver blonde tone, and your gray hair will be forever grateful.

sleek silver bob for women over 50

41) Short Messy Hairstyle With Dark Roots

The combination of black roots and blonde spiked ends adds a unique grunge touch to this shaggy bob. It’s giving trendy casual, and we’re here for it!

short messy pixie with dark roots for women over 50

42) Layered Inverted Bob for Women Over 50

It’s no coincidence that many older women across social media are seen rocking this style; it’s that trendy. Wear it straightened and sleek when heading out for dinner, or ruffled and loose when running errands–the perfect any-season, all-occasions ‘do, no?

layered inverted bob for women over 50

43) Asymmetric Bob

It doesn’t matter which name you call it, this asymmetrical take on the classic cut has an undeniably youthful, edgy vibe to it. Ask your stylist to give your hair body and height at the crown and top, and you’re set.

asymmetrical bob for women over 50

44) Layered Lob

We’ll never say no to this many layers. This particular cut gets personality and movement from shorter and longer layers; we won’t sleep on the sleek middle part either–it adds glow to any face shape. TRIPLE WIN!

layered bob for women over 50

45) Graduated Very Short Bob Haircut

Sleek, straight, and sultry, this micro bob has us on chokehold. We don’t know whether it’s the subtle highlights (hello, extra dimension) or the gently tousled shine-adding crown that has gasping for air. 

graduated short bob haircut for women over 50

46) Over 50 Shattered Pixie 

Senior ladies with gray hair should consider this caramel color scheme that brightens up the face, and the shaggy cut that retains much of the body thanks to the feathery finish. It’s also an ideal fit for overweight women–hey, there’s no shame in embracing some extra curves and bends where they pop the most!

shattered pixie for women over 50

47) Universal Pixie With Highlights

Super feminine and infinitely classy, that’s all this trendy haircut for 50+ women has to say. Full stop.

universal pixie with highlights for women over 50

48) Wedge Short Haircut for Older Women

Mature women, we present to you the most dramatic short hairstyle you can rock today. Everything from the tapered nape to the wispy crown to the feathery finish around the middle of the mane screams edgy; and in our world, edgy = elegance inimitable.

wedge short haircut for women over 50

49) Short Choppy Hairstyle for Thick Hair

We are already drooling at the mere thought of this delicious lilac shade popping in place of your gray hair. The short, piece-y layers accentuate the choppy finish and warm hue in equal measure; DOUBLE CHECK!

choppy pink pixie on thick hair for women over 50

50) Super Pixie

Nothing revives a regular pixie like height and some drama around the crown (read: perfectly manicured tight curls). Keep the sides cropped for maximum chicness.

Natural hair pixie for women over 50

51) Sophisticated

This super sleek angled bob for women over 50 is the ultimate flattering do’. The sharp angle forward adds extra length around the jawline, slimming the face to perfection, while the long swoopy bang enhances the eyes–exactly what we ordered for the red carpet.

angled bob for women over 50

52) Soft Blunt Bob

Agreed, this style is quite uncommon among mature women, but doesn’t it look stunning? Given that it also pairs well with gray hair, you’re assured a modern and fancy ‘do that simply won’t let you down.

soft short blonde blunt bob for women over 50

53) Ultra-Layered Crop

Your head shape and hair texture are about to get a tantalizing pick-me-up courtesy of this ‘do. Plus, it’s very low-maintenance; what more could you possibly want in a daring short hairstyle for older women?

layered crop pixie cut for women over 50

54) Sassy Pixie

You’ll never go back below the shoulder again after getting this personality-packed short haircut. Go ahead and save this inspo for your next salon visit; your hairstylist will have a field day with ‘em feathery layers up-top.

sassy pixie cut for women over 50

55) Two-Tone Short Haircut With Spiky Ends

High-contrast color combinations are sure to attract attention to short bob cuts, especially when they’re coupled with a bold finish. This wispy cut takes “stepping out of the comfort zone” to a whole new level.

two tone blonde short spiky pixie cut for women overr 50

56) Classy Blonde Bob

There’s every reason to make this your go-to short hairstyle for 2024. The soft, light hue combined with layered cutting technique result in a look that’s both sophisticated and easy to manage, perfect for the modern mature woman.

blonde bob for women over 50

57) Short Back, Voluminous Crown

Yes, the subtle blue teal at the front steals the limelight (peeerfect!), but we can’t help but notice just how deliciously layered the crown is. It’s the perfect hairdo for taking some weight off of your thick hair while retaining its full-body allure.

short grey blending pixie cut for women over 50

58) Pixie With Sharp Sideburns

This haircut represents the best of both worlds; long in front and on top, cropped on the sides with an edgy sideburn to boot. The former adds some much needed volume around the crown, while the latter frames the face beautifully; one word: sensational.

platinum pixie cut with sharp sideburns for women over 50

59) Two-Tone Pixie With Side-Swept Bangs

If you won’t turn heads with those intricately styled flippy bangs, you’ll definitely invite compliments with the oh-so-delicate contrast between the two brown spectrum hues. Either way, you’re bound to stun, without the extra maintenance burden.

pixie with side swept bangs for women over 50

60) Angled Bob With Flipped-Out Bangs

Who said sultry styles are solely reserved for younger women? For maximum sexiness from under the bangs, try thick bangs that hit on your cheekbones.

angled bob with flipped out bangs for women over 50

Over 50 Ways to Look Half Your Age, Without a Hint of 50

The ‘dos in this rundown are proof enough that there’s no shortage of great short hairstyles for women over 50–and they’re all stylish, elegant, and easy to fit into your lifestyle.

What’s holding you back? Your over-50 signature look is waiting for you to rock the heck out of it. Now go make your tresses proud–we both know they deserve it!