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60 Modern Shag Haircuts That Prove Sleek Isn’t Always Better

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Shag haircuts are back with a bang! And we couldn’t be more gleeful.

This time around, the shag has gone next-level versatile, with everyone channelling their distinct style and preferences into the iconic style.

From short to long, messy and funky, the fashion space is seeing different renditions of the modern shag haircut. FYI, we’re here for all of it!

60 Trendiest Shag Haircuts For 2024

First things first, we’re not talking the ‘70s shag rocked by trendsetters like Joan Jett, Jane Fonda, Florence Henderson and co (good job, ladies).

Today’s shag has a modern twist to it that makes it a whole lot softer and approachable, and certainly not one-size-fits-all.

The layers are there though, just not as fiercely choppy. The ideal length for the old-school shag was somewhere between the collarbone and chest, but for the modern one, your hair length and face shape should dictate your most flattering length. 

We know you’re here for premium inspo, so let’s cut to the chase, shall we? Start with these top 60 cute shag hairstyles we’ve been pinning, sharing, and bringing to the salon all year long.

1) Mid-Length Shag Cut for Wavy Hair

A cut that shows off your natural waves in all their bliss and injects some enviable volume and definition into your mane? Why not?

    mid length shag cut for wavy hair

    2) Choppy Layers for Straight Hair

    Doesn’t she look delectably stunning in that bushy mane? This is what you get when you keep the body around the ends with a blunt cut, pump up the volume around the crown with short layers, and add volume on the front by cutting the bangs deep.

      shag cut with choppy layers on straight hair

      3) Medium Shag Haircut With Curtain Bangs

      Women over 60 will definitely appreciate the powerful rejuvenating effect of this cut. The natural-looking shade of blonde plus the shaggy style are really a match made in heaven.

        medium shag cut with curtain bangs

        4) Silver Shag With Feathered Layers

        How about that for an attention-grabbing medium-length shag! We’re all for a cut that keeps the body endlessly bouncy; soft rounded layers are all you need to pull off this look.

          silver shag cut with feathered layers

          5) Razored Shag Haircut for Fine Hair

          The number of times we’ve scoured the internet in search of a head-turning modern shag for fine hair is unhealthy, but after what seemed like eternity, we’ve finally found THE ONE! Featuring graduated bangs and shorter layers all through, this shag will accentuate your facial features while framing your face ever-so-gorgeously.

            razor shag cut for fine hair

            6) Curly Hair Shag Cut

            Curly girls, say hi to your next gossip-worthy style. A shag cut (and all of its glorious layers) helps let those curls run wild–without looking weighed down–and let’s not even talk about how cute curly bangs are.

              curly hair shag cut

              7) Long Shag Haircut

              There’s no better way to show off your stunning long locks than a shag cut with extended curtain bangs. Perfect for any face shape, this style is as easy-going as it gets.

                shag cut on long hair, long hair shag cut

                8) Octopus Shag Cut

                Short in the front and long in the back, this interesting take on the long shag says you’re reserved but also fun-loving. Talk about the ultimate stereotype-breaker!

                  octopus shag cut

                  9) Short Hair Shag Cut

                  This shag is a stunningly wild take on the classic cut that even Miley Cyrus would approve of–face framing layers, piece-y bangs, and a subtly voluminous crown. Simply irresistible!

                    short hair shag cut with highlights and a choppy fringe

                    10) Straight Shag With Bottleneck Fringe

                    We doubt if there’s any other haircut that captures the I-play-by-no-rules vibe as perfectly as modern shag hairstyles. This lady, for instance, goes ham with a bottleneck fringe and utilizes its face-framing powers to soften her features. 

                      straight shag cut with bottleneck fringe

                      11) Short Shag Haircut With Baby Bangs

                      This cut offers a whole new take on trendy short bangs, complementing a straight shag with their fun piecey version.

                        short shag cut with baby bangs
                        @jmbird & rarebirdsd

                        12) Multi-Layer Shag Cut Hair in Pink

                        Looking for a bombshell style to rock during the warm season? Pair your vibrant cut with a vibrant summer shade and get the full bangs hovering delicately above your brows for a sassy finish.

                          multi layer shag cut in pink

                          13) Ethereal Short Shag Cut With Highlights

                          If you shy away from looking too brutal with the cut, ask your hairstylist for a finer sliced version and get it smartly highlighted for an airy feel.

                            shot shag cut with highlights

                            14) Mermaid Shag

                            We’ve already seen short bangs on straight locks, so it’s time to make sure wavy tresses look no less impressive in them. The mermaid in you can’t wait to be unleashed!

                              Mermaid shag cut

                              15) A Modern Take on the Classic Shag

                              It’s a little nostalgic and a whole lot sassy and feminine! The best part? This casual ‘do can be cut in a shape that lends a nice balance to your facial features.

                                modern classic shag

                                16) ‘70s Inspired Shag With Deep Fringe

                                Farrah Fawsett would be proud! This cute shoulder-hitting shag takes a page from the icon’s book with flirty pieces around the faces that feel more undone and current.

                                  70s inspired shag cut with deep fringe

                                  17) Messy Fringe With Flipped-Out Ends

                                  You’re unlikely to find a hot shag haircut without bangs as they’re part of the original magic. But you can make the style even wilder with wispy bangs sticking out.

                                    messy fringe updo with flipped out ends and fringe bangs

                                    18) Thin Hair Shag Cut

                                    Only one thing stands between your thin strands and the illusion of volume and body they’ve always craved for: some short layers on top. Yep, it’s that easy.

                                      thin hair shag cut

                                      19) Subtle Shag Haircut

                                      Red-carpet-worthy shag alert! This version is characterized by piecey, feathered like ends, numerous layers, and a natural tousled appearance, resulting in a smoother overall look yet retaining the right shaggy vibe.

                                        subtle shag cut with curtain bangs

                                        20) Collaborne Shag Cut With Bangs

                                        Intensely layered from mid-length towards the ends, this bobbed style has all the makings of a statement-making ‘do. The piece-y brow-grazing bangs add to the wild, spicy allure of the cut.

                                          Collarbone shag cut with bangs

                                          21) Shaggy Bob Haircut

                                          100% of the time, a conventional short shag haircut looks sassier when bobbed. The long choppy bangs will bring out the glow in your eyes, while the vibrant purple shade will accentuate your beautiful warm undertones. A perfect match, shall we say?

                                            shaggy bob cut on purple hair

                                            22) Brunette Shag With Long Fringe

                                            What a delicious contrast of textures! And it’s all possible thanks to the play between the straight full fringe and the bulk of messy ends achieved by acute layering and feathering.

                                              brunette shag cut with long fringe

                                              23) Shoulder-Length Shag Haircut

                                              If you’re a huge fan of shoulder-length locks, you’ll love the fact that the shag flatters all hair lengths and textures to perfection; below is a prime example. Sprinkle in some waves and highlights for extra zazz.

                                                shoulder length hair shag cut with curtain bangs

                                                24) Naturally Tousled Waves

                                                For those with wavy textures and little desire (or time) for styling, this long shag says, I got you babe. Simply air-dry your locks, spritz in your favorite wavy hair product, and bam, you’re ready to rock n roll!

                                                  shag cut with tousled waves

                                                  25) Blonde Shag Haircut

                                                  Mature women should emulate this lady and go for the trendy, textured, and voluminous (read: revitalizing) shag that camouflages graying with a cooler-than-cool ashy blonde shade. We are completely enamored!

                                                    shag cut for women over 60

                                                    26) Side-Swept Shag Cut

                                                    It’s polished, it’s sophisticated, but it’s definitely not boring. On the contrary, the absence of shorter layers up top means that you can really play up the waves at the ends–every thick-haired lady’s dream, no?

                                                      side-swept shag cut

                                                      27) Platinum Shag

                                                      This short blonde shag has razored ends that hit just above the chin, but soft layers throughout the mane add glorious texture.

                                                        Platinum shag cut pixie bob

                                                        28) Long and Sleek Shag

                                                        Most examples you’ll come across of shag haircuts include wavy or curly hair, but this ultra-smooth (and colorful) look proves that even those with pin-straight hair can rock a shag–and look equally stunning.

                                                          long shag cut on rainbow hair with curtain bangs

                                                          29) Soft Shag With Bottleneck Bangs

                                                          Yes, it’s possible to rock a Joan Jett-esque shag that feels modern and fashionable. All you need are chic bottleneck bangs and softer lines throughout the mane and you’ll be sure to stun!

                                                            soft shag cut with bottleneck bangs

                                                            30) Shaggy Haircut in Rooted Blonde

                                                            We’re all for a shag that oozes a sense of depth and sophistication, and this cut eats and leaves no crumbs. 

                                                              shag cut in rooted blonde on long hair

                                                              31) V-Cut Shag Hairstyle

                                                              Want your hair to gain envious volume while still hitting past the shoulders? Try a voluminous v-cut medium shag haircut; and if committing to one hair color is simply a no-no for you, go for a combination of blondes and browns–it’s flattering on nearly everyone and can be executed in a slew of variations.

                                                                v-cut shag hairstyle

                                                                32) Wispy Shag Haircut for Shoulder-Length Hair

                                                                Thick hair can also partake in the shag magic if it’s cut in lots of layers from top to bottom, as seen below. Finish it off with tons of feathered ends and tousled styling to land a super airy feel.

                                                                  wispy shag cut for shoulder length hair
                                                                  @katiecofferonhair & numberthreebath

                                                                  33) Textured Shag Haircut

                                                                  It’s a brilliant idea for girls willing to switch from their old-moldy lobs to opt for something this hot and stunningly textured.

                                                                    textured messy shag cut

                                                                    34) Face-Hugging Shag Cut With Micro Fringe

                                                                    This option has got quite a lot of volume on top through short layers, yet the textured baby bangs keep it at bay, directing attention to the eyes. 

                                                                      face framing shag cut with micro fringe

                                                                      35) Heavily-Layered Shag With Face-Framing Pieces

                                                                      A cut that’s got some tresses camouflaging and softening certain parts of the face for a nice, well-balanced look? Don’t mind if we do!

                                                                        layered shag cut with face framing pieces

                                                                        36) Well-Cut Shag 

                                                                        This edgy modern shag can serve to explicitly illustrate the unique features of the cut, showing the textured layers throughout, light fringe, and feathered tips. We’re obsessed!

                                                                          modern shag cut

                                                                          37) Golden Yellow Shag Cut Hairstyle

                                                                          Eye-catching gold color + hot shag haircut = sassiness overload! 

                                                                            golden yellow shag cut

                                                                            38) Shag Cut for Round Faces

                                                                            Medium shag haircuts and wide faces go well together; the former boasts a dimensional crown and enough length for an elongating effect while lending structure to the overall look.

                                                                              shag cut for round faces

                                                                              39) Medium Shullet With Bohemian Vibes

                                                                              Dang, what a delicately gorgeous cut! Featuring some of the softest, most handsome bangs we’ve ever seen, this texturized hybrid shag is calling us by name, and we’re saying yes all the way!

                                                                                medium shullet with boho vibes

                                                                                40) Shaggy Mullet

                                                                                It might be leaning more on the mullet side, but this edgy cut doesn’t fail to showcase its shaggy allure. The choppy bangs, in particular, are an absolute show-stopper!

                                                                                  shaggy mullet cut

                                                                                  41) Extremely Wild Shag

                                                                                  It’s shaggy, alright, but that’s not the only thing making this long curly cut stand out. The coppery razored ends, abundance of layers, messy tousling, and contrasting soft bangs cumulatively make for a proper eye feast. 

                                                                                    wild shag cut on curly hair

                                                                                    42) Cute Center-Parted Shag

                                                                                    Just so you know, a middle part shag cut works for all any face shape and hair type. It’s what you rock when you’re not ready to take the full plunge just yet.

                                                                                      Center part shag

                                                                                      43) Auburn Shag With Mini Bangs

                                                                                      From the razored layers that make her hair move oh-so-seamlessly, to the piece-y bangs that emphasize her stunning bone structure and shoulder-grazing length that is forever flattering, this cut is full of elements that should only be attempted by a professional. Trust us, the final outcome will look this juicy.

                                                                                        auburn shag cut with mini bangs
                                                                                        @(nunzio_nyc1 & nunziosavianosalon

                                                                                        44) Parisian Shag for Fine Hair

                                                                                        Raise one hand if you’ve ever looked up “French girl hair” online at least once before. Now raise the other hand if you’ve never found something that works for your fine tresses. Oops, we’re all guilty! This low-key yet insanely chic shag is ready to embellish all your worst hair dreams, one wave at a time.

                                                                                          Parisian shag cut for fine hair

                                                                                          45) Long Layers

                                                                                          Instead of creating additional volume on top, this unique shag shifts focus to the face. The extended curtain bangs bring maximum attention to the eyes, while the long flipped-out layers frame the face beautifully.

                                                                                            shag cut on long pink hair with layers

                                                                                            46) Edgy Shag

                                                                                            We can hear this shag saying: No holds barred! Break out the dry shampoo and texturizing spray because this curly ‘do loves them both. Time to embrace your inner rock star, darling.

                                                                                              edgy shag cut on curly hair

                                                                                              47) Low Maintenance Shag

                                                                                              If wash-and-go styling is your thing, you’ll definitely love this cut. Its built-in messiness ensures you’ll always get out the door on time.

                                                                                                low maintenance shag cut on copper hair with curtain bangs

                                                                                                48) Messy Shag Haircut 

                                                                                                We can never say no to showing off our hair texture a little more aggressively than usual. And, no, we don’t mind breaking out our sea salt spray if that’s what it takes.

                                                                                                  messy shag cut with tousled waves

                                                                                                  49) Chunky Shag Haircut With Face Framing Bangs

                                                                                                  A strong bone structure requires a beautiful face frame to go with it, and this shaggy hairstyle takes that concept seriously. A once bulk mane gets a miraculous transformation, evidenced by the delightful bits and pieces around the face.

                                                                                                    chunky shag cut with face framing bangs

                                                                                                    50) Beachy Shag 

                                                                                                    Although you’ll need some styling with a curling wand or flat iron and texturizing spray to own this effortless style, its beachy vibes are ultimately worth it.

                                                                                                      beachy shag cut

                                                                                                      51) Shag Haircut for Coarse Hair

                                                                                                      Have naturally messy hair and are wondering whether you can master the styling of a shag?  Oh yes you can, and better yet, it won’t take much time. This sultry cut will look fabulous on you.

                                                                                                        shag haircut on thick hair

                                                                                                        52) Flicked Ends Shag

                                                                                                        Even Jeniffer Hudson would have to give you props for this tantalizing sleek shag hairstyle.

                                                                                                          flicked ends shag cut

                                                                                                          53) Bardot Shag

                                                                                                          The combination of meticulously sliced bardot bangs and layers that hit just above the cheekbones takes this medium-length shag haircut from wow to wow-za!

                                                                                                            bardot shag cut

                                                                                                            54) Pixie Cut With Shaggy Vibes

                                                                                                            We fondly call it a shag pixie cut or pixie shag cut. Names aside, this sweet little number is long enough to keep summer’s heat off of your neck while still retaining all the curls you love. Aren’t you in love?!

                                                                                                              pixie shaggy cut

                                                                                                              55) Dark Shag With Illuminating Pieces

                                                                                                              We’d give anything to have such an elegant color placement around our face. The soft caramel bangs and face-framing layers bring so much light and vibrance into an otherwise dark mane, setting it up for a flurry of compliments from your BFFs and strangers alike. An easy 10/10 on our scale!

                                                                                                                dark shag cut with illuminating pieces

                                                                                                                56) Elvish Shag in Copper

                                                                                                                We don’t know about you, but this model reminds us of Emma Stone in the most delightful way. In case that’s not enough inspiration to rock this wild wavy shag, take respite in the fact that the frontal ear tendrils can easily be tucked behind to show off your beautiful cheekbones. Elfood, here we come!

                                                                                                                  elvish shag cut on copper hair

                                                                                                                  57) Full Shag Haircut

                                                                                                                  Want to take your ordinary shag to the next level? Definitely get full bangs! Don’t stop there, cut even more shaggy layers to really show off your tresses and hair texture. And before you ask, yes, it’s a perfect fit for curly, straight, and wavy hair alike.

                                                                                                                    shag cut on long straight hair

                                                                                                                    58) Funky Shag With Bangs

                                                                                                                    Now that’s a proper beauty! The carefully placed blonde patches parade the girl’s personality in an instant. Beyond that, they show off the gorgeous play of textures within the mane, ranging from a feathery finish on top to choppy ends at the bottom. 

                                                                                                                      funky shag cut with bangs

                                                                                                                      59) Simple Short Shaggy Haircut

                                                                                                                      Who said short shag haircuts have to always feature shaggy layers and spiky ends? Keep yours laid-back and cool for a unique twist, like this lady, and heads won’t stop turning. Granted.

                                                                                                                      short shag cut on a bob with a fringe

                                                                                                                        60) Tousled Shag

                                                                                                                        Spirited and youthful, this shaggy lob exudes whimsical ambiance. And unlike other one-length styles, it’s tastefully versatile, working seamlessly with coarse and straight hair.

                                                                                                                          tousled shag cut on medium length hair

                                                                                                                          Off You Go.

                                                                                                                          When it comes to shag haircuts, one word reigns supreme: versatility. Whether you choose to wear it board-straight with face framing layers or wildly shaggy with baby bangs, you’ll still pop as long as you’ve factored in your face shape.

                                                                                                                          As for inspo, we wouldn’t blame you if you took quite a bit of time on these photos–they’re all equally stunning. But once you settle on a favorite, let it communicate not just your personality but also your impeccable fashion sense. No misses, just hits.

                                                                                                                          Shags for all!