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60 Flattering Short Hairstyles & Haircuts For Round Faces In 2024

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What do you get when you pair a killer set of chubby cheeks with a generously wide hairline. The round-shaped face. When choosing the most flattering short haircuts of any texture, round-shaped faces want to strike a balance that narrows the widest point, elongates the face, and softens the cheeks.

Having a rounded hairline and jawline characterizes this face shape. It’s pretty much a square-shaped face, but with much softer angles. 

Because while you may love your best friend’s new sleek bob or your colleague’s fresh, one-length cut, those hairstyles might not be the best fit for your face shape. The round face shape doesn’t need any (cough) flat styling that exaggerates the features.

Does that mean you go ham on the styling? No. Don’t go too angular or oversoften the features with extreme layering–both will certainly accentuate the rounded effect. Keep it modest.

Look no further if you’re searching for a mini haircut to flatter your envy-worthy facial features and structure. These top 60 short hairstyles for round faces will make you fall in love.

1) Curly Bob

This style is all about letting ‘em curls run loose, wild, and free! And it completely balances the round faces and detracts attention from the width of it. 

curly bob

2) Shullet

Here’s one thing we never thought we’d say: the shullet is back, baby! To look as good as the beauty in this picture, make sure not to have too much volume on the sides; bonus points if you can cut eyebrows-grazing bangs.

Shullet cut

3) Super Short Haircut With Side-Swept Bangs

This style is another round-shaped face short haircut that is gorgeous to wear all year long. The side part is very deep and angled, so much so that it opens up the face and lengthens it visually; hats off to whoever cut this pixie, it’s a masterpiece.

short cut with side swept bangs

4) Soft Mullet for Round Chubby Faces

LOOK. AT. THOSE. BANGS. They are the pieciest piecey bangs you’ll ever see, perfect for creating a strong flattering line across the face; add on to that some short layers below the chin, and you’ve got a style that is as flattering as it is elegant.

soft mullet cut for chubby  round faces

5) Bob to Shag Transformation

Sign us up already! The heavy layering around the crown and flipped-out bangs are all the conviction we need to make the jump; the former elongates the face upwards while the latter diverts attention from the cheeks.

bob to shag cut transformation

6) Very Short Pixie

Now that’s one sassy looking diva! A choppy pixie with bangs is great for making the lower face and chin appear slimmer; the layers on top add height rather seamlessly, while the sideburns are perfect for setting the frame.

short wavy pixie cut

7) Wavy Pixie With Baby Bangs

This pixie cut for round faces is styled as well as humanly possible. No, seriously. Everything–from the pointy bangs to the layered upper section–is so on point; it’s literally calling out your name to wear it.

wavy pixie cut with short bangs

8) Long Bob With Peachy Curls

We love cuts that include loose waves or curls so you can get the most texture and height from your shorter style. The middle part in this style is the icing on an already delicious caramel (face-framing) cake.

long bob with peachy curls

9) Neck-Length Bob With Flippy Bangs

A longer bob is a safe choice for those who appreciate length. Add long layers and incorporate some messy styling for extra body and texture.

neck length bob with flippy bangs

10) Teeny-Tiny Ginger Bob

The secret to nailing this super flattering short bob is there for all to see–choppy micro bangs, flipped-out ends, intricate layering throughout, and tons of confidence. We love the choice of ginger hair color–it contrasts beautifully with the ultra light complexion, providing tasteful balance to the overall look.

short ginger bob with a fringe

11) Layered Short Hair

Layers are every round face beauty’s best friend. Throw in long bangs that graze over your eyes if you want to really play up the angles.

Layered short hair cut

12) Bold Undercut Pixie

Long top, very short sides. This gal knows exactly what it takes to make her eyes pop while driving attention to her beautifully styled crown; confidence, ladies, confidence!

bold undercut pixie cut

13) Shaggy Bob With Side Bangs

A messy edgy haircut with bangs is a great choice for those with fine hair and round faces. It gives a bold, sexy look, and it’s easy to style with just a drop of a styler.

shaggy bob with side bangs

14) Razored Bob 

The razored layers bring the texture and height that you can’t always get with scissors.

razor cut short bob with a fringe

15) Edgy Blonde Pixie

Deep side parts work well with chubby face short hairstyles because they create a bend diverting attention away from the symmetry of a bit plumper facial features. Throw in blonde, and you’ve got yourself a smooooking hot hairstyle worthy of the Hollywood cameras.

Edgy platinum blonde pixie

16) Classic Pixie

A short haircut with micro bangs isn’t sexy, right? This fantastic Audrey Hepburn pixie hairstyle disagrees in capital letters; it gives such an elegant touch!

classic strawberry blonde pixie

17) Blunt Bob

It’s non-negotiable: if you’re going blunt, go long or go home. Below-the-chin length draws attention to your chin, not your cheeks, and the middle-part gives the illusion of length while creating symmetry around your face. 

blunt cut bob

18) Asymmetrical Bob

Does anyone ever get tired of the compliments that come with the perfect cut? We didn’t think so; this style is peeeerfect: the longer length, asymmetry, and peek-a-boo styling work successfully with the round face.

Asymmetrical short bob

19) Angled Lob

With pieces that are longer in the front, the round face will be elongated and framed in a more flattering style than a single-length lob; and before you ask, yes, the off-center parting is an angling masterstroke on its own.

angled lob, angled long bob

20) Choppy Bob

Ladies endowed with thick, unruly tresses might love this short choppy bob with crossover fringe. It’s sure to make your hair lighter and more voluminous; at the same time, edgy bangs and layers work great for balancing the round face.

choppy bob

21) Messy Bob With Center Part

Low-maintenance cuts for round faces don’t get much better–and bolder–than this. Perfectly undone with an accurate middle part, this messy bob is all about volume and complementing the symmetry of a round face.

messy blonde bob

22) Dense Bob With Thick Bangs

Thick hair beauties, where are you at? This wavy bob is begging to be rocked, and it’s got everything going for it–heavy side-swept bangs that draw attention away from your cheeks, shadow roots and the interplay of hues that balance out your face shape, and then some; APPROVED!

dense bob with thick bangs

23) One-Length Bob

Okay, maybe one-length cuts aren’t too bland and unflattering after all, especially if resting below the chin and spiced up with a side part. The parting in this cut might not be too deep, but it’s pronounced enough to have a lengthening effect. 

one length bob

24) Short French Bob With Wispy Bangs

Right length, right shape, right add-ons (read: glasses). The hairstylist didn’t come to play, and the outcome is a super flattering cut that invites “c’est magnifique” compliments at first glance; a wave-defining cream is all you need to create that oh-so-wispy messiness.

short French bob with wispy bangs

25) Wavy Textured Lob

Lobs are some of the most flattering face-framing cuts for round faces. And when the front pieces are elongated and styled using a sea salt spray, you get a moderately voluminous and texturized hairstyle that, at the same time, slims your face.

wavy textured lob with highlights

26) Shoulder-Length Bob

Oh, how sleek and sophisticated this style is. We want it ASAP!

Shoulder length bob

27) Long Bob

Any length below the chin is a round face’s bread and butter. Messy styling up-top and an off-center part add the necessary asymmetry to take this cut closer to the ideal oval shape.

long bob with waves

28) Top Knot

The key to the top knot: it can’t be too close to the crown. That will only make your face appear wider; round faces benefit from all things (high) above.

top knot short hairstyle
@deepaksheshodiya & makeupbyshagun

29) Cropped Box Bob

It might look boyish, but it certainly doesn’t give off masculine vibes. The ever-so-feminine cropped blunt bangs offset the rounded shape of your face and add dimension; besides, what’s wrong with making a bold statement?

cropped box bob

30) Low-Maintenance Curls

Forget all the talk about curly hair looking meh with short cuts; the trick is finding a cut that will work with your natural texture. In this beauty’s case, meticulous layers create a lot of texture, which, in turn, allows the hair to frame the face; we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out just how deftly those loose curly bangs accentuate the eyes; PICTURE-PERFECT!

short naturally curly black bob

31) Wavy Bob for Fine Hair

A medium-length cut and textured ends. That’s all it takes to look this fabulous; sounds like a good-enough deal to take a plunge, no?

wavy bob for fine hair

32) Blonde Curls

Have natural curls and are looking for an easy change that will slim your face? Side part your hair and style it asymmetrically; it’s the kind of edgy vibe that instantly calls for a biker jacket—put your worries aside and let’s hit the track!

short blonde curly hairstyle

33) Thick Bob With Deep Fringe

The choppy fringe of this dense bob lends a little more edge to it. The varied lengths and angles serve to soften the face in a manner few other bangs can; as for the voluminous crown, it works up the height just perfectly.

thick bob with deep fringe

34) Pixie With Textured Crown

Yet another example of how texture, when done right, can take attention away from the plumpness of a round face. Ask your stylist to point cut the top to create amazing disarrangement; keep in mind that short pixies look best styled forward for an up-to-date finish.

Strawberry blonde pixie cut

35) Choppy Pixie With Mini Fringe

Instead of taking attention away from your face shape, maybe you want bangs that help define it? Try this micro bang style for a bit of that edgy definition, pair it with feathery or choppy layers for a super edgy style.

choppy blonde pixie with mini fringe

36) Sombre Bob

Trendy below-the-chin length, edgy off-center part, dark roots that add dimension to the blonde color–yes, this bob truly has it all.

blonde bob in a side part

37) Shaggy Lob 

Look at how the jagged ends and layers elongate and slim down this pretty face. We can’t get enough!

shaggy lob cut

38) Dimensional Blonde Haircut

When a shoulder-cut has this much dimension going on, there’s no way a round face shape would steal the limelight. The dark roots-to-blonde melt is a literal show-stopper.

blonde cut with fringe

39) Stunning Pink Bob

The middle part in this bob does the one job it’s supposed to do quite brilliantly: giving the illusion of length. Here, the lady plays up the volume to accentuate her center part; we can’t help but notice how poppy the hue is, your cheeks will have nothing on it.

pink bob

40) Elegant Black Hairstyle

We’ll go right ahead and say it: any layered black hairstyle that grazes past the chin will almost always flatter a round face. Doubt us? Here’s an instant proof.

wavy long bob

41) Ash Waves With Exaggerated Crown

Voluminous crown hairstyles are very chic and trendy. Add some highlights and be ready to turn heads!

ash waves with curtain bangs

42) Beachy Bob

Keep it simple with a few tousled waves, blunt ends, and a flattering blonde color set off by shadow roots. The compliments will flow your way from the moment you step outside, we guarantee it.

beauty bob with waves

43) Sassy Curly Lob

This gorgeous curly hairstyle adds in some face framing layers to even out a rounded face. The middle part further balances this look, while the bangs draw attention to the eyes and brow line, upward from the chubby cheeks; is that what they call a triple WIN, because we’ll take it!

sassy curly lob, short curly bob

44) Bold Pixie

With that much volume at the top, your face is bound to look slimmer and more symmetrical. The height around the crown is accentuated further by the cropped sides, while the styled-back layers open up the face beautifully—much to your peepers delight!

bold pixie cut

45) Modern Short Bob

Why struggle to hide your face shape when you can simply let your favorite fine-tooth comb run wild? Comb your hair over to achieve an asymmetrical twist like the one below; thank us later!

modern short bob in a side part

46) Full-On Fringe

We know, the full fringe has its sceptics–especially when worn on a round face. However, this beauty makes a strong case for rocking it–the eyelash-grazing length accentuates her eyes like nobody’s business, all while complimenting a bigger forehead.

bob with fringe and highlights

47) Wavy Lob

If you have naturally long thick hair, cut it mid-length and part it down the middle for a face-framing style that looks this hot. 

wavy lob haircut

48) Sleek Shoulder-Length Cut

You don’t need to look twice to pick out the star of this style: it’s definitely the neat, comb-over twist at the top! Let it open up your face for additional length, while the layers at the ends do all the softening; tousle it gently for a night out with friends, or leave it sleek for office errands.

Shoulder length bob

49) Sweet Low Curls

All this hairstyle wants to do is bounce and then some. Lower curls towards the bottom guarantee just that; overall, you’ll evoke a sweet, young vibe that will earn you compliments, effortlessly.

low curls

50) Copper Brown Cut

Your short hairstyle for a round face can be soft, balmy, and touchable! Given a chance, we wouldn’t hesitate to run our fingers through this oh-so-fluffy head of hair.

copper brown cut
@hirohair & megumicolor

51) Beige Bob With Curved Ends

Like we’ve mentioned severally, styling short haircuts for round faces is a game of angles and interest. And this bob is a queen at it– the curved ends and long, blunt bangs culminate into an asymmetrical masterpiece that any fine hair beauty would be proud of.

bob with bangs

52) Razored Shag

Sure, scissors can get the job done (think: adding layers and texture for face elongation), but not without taking a good chunk of your time. A razor packs up volume wherever you want it, in half the time; show your stylist this photo and the rest, as they say, will be history.

ginger razored shag haircut

53) Long Pixie With Bangs

Below-the-cheekbones length, long swept over bangs, thinned out layers. This pixie has all the makings of a chic, on-trend, functional round face short hairstyle; we can already see what the widest part of the face is, and it’s not the cheek area.

long pixie cut with bangs

54) Edgy Pixie Cut for Chubby Faces

Lights, camera, voluuuuume! That’s all this platinum blonde Hollywood-worthy hairstyle has to say; go with a deep side part and intense layering at the crown to achieve the same kind of volume and texture.

Edgy pixie on platinum haircut

55) Rounded Bob With Off-Center Parting

This cut might not have too many angles for asymmetry, but it boasts one that matters the most–courtesy of the diagonal part. That, coupled with some gentle tousling around the crown, make for a chic, face-flattering bob ready for business!

rounded bob with off center parting

56) Side Swept Layered Cut

This hairstyle has tons of movement and is great for a girl who is constantly running her fingers through her hair and flipping it back and forth. It’s the ultimate I-don’t-need-a-part look; long layers deliver superbly in the elongation department.

side swept layered short cut

57) Short Wispy Hairstyle

Have fine or thin hair and are afraid to test the waters? This cut says, “relax, I’ll take it from here”; the wispy choppy layers add some much-needed volume on the bottom of the hair, complimenting the round face shape quite well.

short wispy hairstyle

58) Micro Jagged Haircut

Overweight women, here comes your savior. This short pixie hairstyle is a perfect fit because it shifts focus from the chubby facial structure, all thanks to the intricate layering and choppy bangs.

copper jagged haircut

59) Feathered Bob

Women over 50, we see you, we value you, and we think this is the coolest hairstyle you can possibly rock for your round chubby face. Its complimentary features are delivered by the heavy feathered side swoop and voluminous crown–two aspects that are especially easy to achieve if you have thick hair. 

feathered bob

60) Tousled Bob

Now this is the kind of transformation we want to show our stylist! The waves will create a nice face-framing shape that is easy to style and super flattering; enough said.

tousled bob

Time To Take The Plunge

You came, you saw, you conqu….we’ll hold off on congratulating you for now until you actually pull off a short hairstyle for your sweet, plump, round face (retweets, anyone?). But with the options in this blog, we have no doubt that you’ll make the right pick. 

The bottom line? Picking a round face short hairstyle isn’t about making your tresses trendy or choosing what catches your eye on Instagram. Instead, aim to find one that suits your bone structure; after all, this is the sort of style you’ll keep coming back to year after year.

The ultimate trick? Layers (just enough), angles, texture, and you’re set…for life.