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50 Stunning Butterfly Haircut Ideas To Try In 2024

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The hashtag #ButterflyHaircut garnering more than 1.1 billion views on TikTok makes it evident this hair trend is here to stay. If you are looking to jump on the bandwagon and enjoy the perks that come with it, we have all the details you need.

So, you have medium to long hair. 

Well, first of all, congratulations–that’s some enviable length right there! Though we think short hair has plenty of flattering cuts that can suit you, it’s whispered through the salon grapevine that long hair is the easiest and most versatile length to work with and style.

It’s also the perfect length for showing off your best features (duh!).  

With the butterfly haircut, you can go for plenty of stylishly layered looks without much risk because, odds are, they’re going to be perfectly flattering.

Read on to explore the modern variations of the butterfly haircut in all their beauty and nuance.

What is the Butterfly Haircut, Exactly?

We’ve heard of hairstyles named after home furnishings (curtain bangs) and sea creatures (jellyfish haircut)–we’re now moving to winged creatures. 

Dubbed the “butterfly haircut”, it’s characterized by a mix of short and long layers that are typically styled away from the face. In a way, they mimic butterfly wings, hence the name.

The shorter layers of this cut can be cut at cheek or chin length, depending on your face shape, while the longer layers can run all the way down. The space between layers is vital for creating movement, volume, and dimension—every girl’s dream trio, no?

Butterfly Haircut Vs Wolf Cut: Are They One And The Same Thing?

The short answer is no.

The long answer is a bit more technical: 

When you cut more layers in a butterfly cut, it might just resemble a wolf cut. The latter combines shorter, choppy layers with longer, shaggy segments to create wild, carefree movement.

A butterfly cut, on the other hand, is often parted at the center and boasts voluminous feathery layers. 

As a result, the final outcome of these cuts are distinctively different. Butterfly cuts have a soft, bouncy, flowy feel to them, while wolf cuts exude an unmistakably edgy vibe. 

Picks of the Bunch: 50 Modern Butterfly Haircut Ideas for 2024

The butterfly cut has reigned supreme over all haircuts for a while now, and if you haven’t tried it, you’re overdue for a salon appointment.

Here is some inspo to get you going:

1) Wispy Layers for Straight Hair

What do you get when you combine intense layering with fiercely cut ends? A hairstyle that looks this good; the super airy waves are a real feast for the eyes.

Butterfly haircut with wispy layers

2) Long Side-Swept Bangs

No, you don’t need to rely solely on the layers for body addition, and this girl shows how to arrive at extra volume with the front pieces seamlessly swept to the side. We’re drooling!

Butterfly cut with side swept bangs

3) Medium-Length Butterfly Haircut

These photos illustrate how a flowy and bouncy style can be achieved without sacrificing airiness. Simply cut the wispy layers across the mid-length and let the ends remain a bit chunky.

Medium length butterfly cut

4) Curtain Bangs

Is it just us or this cut is (literally) begging to be felt? It’s incredibly soft, thanks to the chic curtain bangs that are positioned exactly where they need to be; as a bonus, they enhance the face-framing aspect and add dimension to the style. TRIPLE WIN!

Butterfly cut with curtain bangs

5) Punk Butterfly Cut

If this hair could talk, it would say something bold and rebellious. Don’t be afraid to go ham on the vibrant colors and asymmetrical cuts–that’s the whole point of going punk, right?

punk butterfly cut

6) Sleek and Modern

There’s a new butterfly cut in town, and it’s flattering on every face shape. Instead of texture or waves, the hair is kept straight and smooth with only subtle hints of the butterfly effect; for this reason, it’s the perfect introductory cut for newbies.

modern butterfly cut

7) Disconnected Butterfly Cut Hairstyle

This style is anything but ordinary. The clear disconnection between the curtain bangs and other face-framing layers allows this beauty to show off her jawline in all its bliss; it also does an excellent job of slimming down the face. LOVE!

Disconnected butterfly cut

8) Flippy Layers

Va-va-voom volume is the calling card of this unique butterfly cut; the layers at the bottom are materfully flipped to add body and character. It’s a particularly smart choice for fine hair girls who want a voluminous look while retaining length.

floppy layers on a deep purple butterfly cut

9) Cherry Cola Dimensional Butterfly Haircut

This blend of the different reds used to achieve the cherry cola color does a fantastic job of creating dimension in the straight hair. Additional texture comes in the shape of masterful layering and chopping; PERFECTION!

Butterfly haircut on cherry cola hair

10) Laid-Back and Sexy

Stay on the mild side of the butterfly cut by opting for minimal layering and reduced slicing. You won’t fail to turn heads, though–the oh-so-cute bangs that add volume and texture around the face will make sure of that.

trendy butterfly cut

11) Choppy Face-Framing Butterfly Cut

While a classic butterfly cut (think: Rachel haircut 1.0) can look dull on straight hair, some choppy layers around the front would give it plenty of definition and texture.

choppy face framing butterfly cut

12) Long Butterfly Cut in Blonde

This beauty hits the cool-girl nail on the soft balayage head with long-flipped out bangs and dark roots. Nothing is more daring than a disconnection between the top layers and bottom section, and choppy ends look edgy and modern.

blonde butterfly cut

13) Very Long Butterfly Cut

Due to its sheer length, this hair is the perfect canvas for creating intricate butterfly designs and patterns; granted, the sections will come out more flawlessly than usual. Meanwhile, we’ll keep gazing because we simply can’t help it!

long jet black butterfly cut

14) Wild Bottom Section

You’re unlikely to find a hot butterfly haircut without choppy or wispy bottom layers, as they’re part of the style’s magic. But you can make the cut even wilder with loads of flipped-out ends cascading past the shoulders.

Butterfly cut with flipped ends

15) Espresso Brunette Butterfly Hairstyle With Flowy Layers

Most butterfly cuts feature a stark separation between the top and bottom layers, not this one–and that is what makes it tastefully unique. We love the way those locks cascade all the way down in seamless fashion.

Espresso brunette butterfly cut

16) V-Shaped Butterfly Hair

Such lengthy and dense hair requires debulking to give it some sort of shape and movement. And this butterfly haircut ticks all the boxes to a tee.

v-shaped butterfly cut

17) Long Layers

If you’re not a big fan of well-defined bangs, then this look is for you. Layers are long enough to pump up volume on their own, while the choppy ends guarantee texture for days!

Butterfly cut on blonde hair

18) Wavy Butterfly Cut

Big waves + multi-length layers = An ultra-flattering, super textured hairstyle that catches the eye at first glance. To give your hair extra lift and body, use a volumizing spray or mousse before blow-drying.

Butterfly cut with waves

19) Stunning Caramel Balayage Style

Every tiny-teeny detail of this butterfly haircut is the stuff of dreams. The full layers dipped in sweet caramel create movement and texture, while the curtain bangs and flicks add a touch of playfulness and verve to the look. 

Caramel balayage butterfly cut

20) Black Butterfly Cut Hairstyle

Brunettes are bound to find endless joy with this cut, especially those with naturally wavy hair and round faces. The long butterfly layers add texture and dimension, while the fringe is high enough to allow for her beautiful cheekbones to pop. Talk about a picture-perfect style!

black butterfly cut

21) Lowlights Galore

We thought we’d seen it all until this masterpiece popped up on our feed. Perfect for fine or thin hair, the cut utilizes lowlights that are strategically placed across the mane to lend dimension and depth to the hair; WOW-WORTHY!

Butterfly cut on a fringe Hairstyle

22) Elongated Feathered Butterfly Hair

It’s extremely choppy and textured, it’s majestically long, it’s perfeeeeect!

feathered butterfly cut

23) Butterfly Layered Haircut

Whoever said too much of something is poisonous hadn’t taken in the beauty of this V-shaped butterfly style. Short, intense, wispy layers that run from the crown all the way to the ends culminate into a super soft, super voluminous mane that’s sure to stun.

Butterfly layered haircut on smoky brown hair

24) Thin Hair Layered Butterfly Cut

Careful, too many layers can actually make your thin hair appear thinner and devoid of body. Instead, opt for longer layers like this beauty, and your reward will be perfectly textured hair with just enough volume to dazzle.

layered butterfly cut on thin hair

25) Butterfly Shag Cut

For the bold and adventurous, this cut brings together the best of two worlds: the choppy, layered bliss of the classic shag and the graceful and soft pattern of the butterfly cut. WE APPROVE!

Butterfly shag cut

26) Bob With Butterfly Pattern

Not quite a classic bob, not quite a signature butterfly cut, this style is for those who crave an element of intrigue in their medium-length hair.

bob butterfly cut

27) Long Layered Hair With Curled Ends

With bouncy, layered hair as the starting point, curl the ends of your mane to glam up the look even more. And did someone say versatile? That’s right, you can rock this glorious ‘do wherever, whenever.

Butterfly cut on shoulder Length hair with highlights

28) Butterfly Hair With Money-Piece

Let there be light! Your black or dark brown hair could benefit greatly from a softer, lighter hue as the face frame; it’s a move that guarantees dimension, color, and (drumrolls, please) compliments!

Butterfly cut with money piece

29) Soft Ombre

Take it from us, you don’t need to create sharp tones for your butterfly cut to stand out. This dark brown to soft caramel balayage pops like nobody’s business.

Butterfly cut on ombre hair

30) 70’s Butterfly Hair With Shaggy Bangs 

Retro is the name of the game when shaggy fringe meets textured, floaty layers. You’ll get so much movement and airiness with this cut than you’ll know what to do with.

70"s butterfly cut with shaggy bangs

31) Butterfly Cut On Ginger Hair

We like how the bright shade of copper brings so much warmth and fuzziness to this mane. It’s a literal game-changer.

Butterfly cut on ginger hair

32) Multi-Layered Face Framing Pieces

We dare you to cut your face-framing tresses in varying lengths and sweep them to the side. Granted, you’ll create an incredibly unique and textured look (read: awe-inspiring) that will have you wishing you took the leap earlier.

Butterfly cut with multi layered face framing pieces

33) Cute Layered Hairstyle For Thick Hair

The secret’s in the cutting technique. When your dense mane is chopped and layered this intricately, you’re bound to love it even more; it’s the perfect way to enhance the movement and texture of your locks.

Butterfly cut on thick hair

34) Ash Blonde Balayage

Close one eye if you crave butterfly layers that instantly volumize your long, straight hair. Close the other eye if you yearn for a highlighted color that is inherently low-key yet effortlessly chic. Oops, now we all can’t see.

Butterfly cut on ash blonde balayage hair

35) Long Tousled Butterfly Layers

This is a gorgeous, bedhead look that requires near-zero maintenance. Combine long locks with a center part and tousle the edges for a deliciously messy finish. 

toussled butterfly layers

36) Blonde Highlights for Thin Hair

Intense layering hardly ever works for thin hair, but with some creativity, you can nail an edgy look that doesn’t go overboard. For the lower part, opt for shorter layers with blunt tips–thank us later.

Butterfly cut on thin hair

37) Trendy Butterfly Haircut on Long Hair

Eye-catching caramel ombre paired up with extremely wispy bottom layers? Yes please!

Butterfly cut on long hair

38) Super Soft Balayage

The subtle dark brown balayage in this cut delivers the kind of softness that will have your BFF’s fingers itching for a touch. The wispy layering does the rest.

Balayage hair butterfly cut

39) High-Contrast Bangs

We can’t help but fall in love with this gorgeous color pattern that starts with stunning caramel illumination around the face and flows into a whimsical shade of brown.

Butterfly cut on long hair

40) Choppy Butterfly Cut Hair In Copper

If your dream butterfly look features something bright (copper hue) and shaggy (choppy layers), then this look has your name written all over it. Rock the heck out of it, will you?

41) All-Action Butterfly Hair Cut

Long layers? Check. Curtain bangs? Double-check. Face-framing layers? Triple check! It’s rare to find a butterfly cut that checks all the right boxes without blowing anything out of proportion; it is, without doubt, a winning hairstyle, and we’re OBSESSED!

Butterfly cut with curtain bangs

42) Purple Highlights for Dark Brown Butterfly Hair

As if brown butterfly layers needed a boost to really thrive…well, a little soft purple in the mix never hurts, as seen here.

Butterfly cut on long dark brown hair with purple highlights

43) Medium-Length Butterfly Cut Layers

Take your face-framing layers to the next level by really curling the short layers at the top away from the face. The outcome is an effect of long curtain bangs that showcase your best features in seamless fashion.

medium length butterfly cut layers

44) Bouncy Butterfly Cut Hairstyle

Featuring an abundance of feathered layers, this cut screams texture from a distance; the flipped-out ends, in particular, are to die for. Some call it magic, we call it masterful styling.

bouncy butterfly cut hairstyle

45) Extra Long Cut With Voluminous Layers

This majestic style is ready to apologize, “Sorry, can’t hear you over the volume of my hair.” To attain this look, use a light texturizing spray and blow-dry each layer independently.

Butterfly cut with voluminous layers

46) Honey Blonde Butterfly Cut

The sweetest, sleekest, most sophisticated shade of blonde is calling, and it says it’s ready to pump up the volume of your thin dark brown tresses. If it was up to us, we’d never hang up.

Honey blonde butterfly cut

47) Two-Tone Butterfly Haircut

Have two colors you want to showcase in one style? Opt for a split dye; with two poppy colors, this look is sure to make a bold (read: head-turning) statement.

two tone butterfly cut

48) Purple Peekaboo Butterfly Haircut

PICTURE PERFECT! Enhance the natural beauty of your butterfly layers by adding some purple highlights; this style looks classy and fun without being overwhelming.

Purple peekaboo butterfly cut

49) Short and Sweet

Grazing the shoulders ever-so-subtly, the bottom layers of this cut are dense enough to better support the face-framing pieces. It’s as springy and bouncy as they come.

Butterfly cut on a bo

50) Charming Chocolate Brown Butterfly Layers

Boasting a seamless cascade of flowing layers, this style oozes simple sophistication. The brown hues delightfully accentuate the layered effect, yielding a stunningly bouncy look, perfect for a brunette queen.

Butterfly cut on chocolate brown hair with layers

Ethereal Creatures, Ethereal Inspiration

Butterflies are arguably the most graceful and captivating creatures in existence; the way their wings are designed is nothing short of ethereal. As such, donning butterfly cuts and layers means paying homage to the original beauty queen herself (all hail the queen).

Let these 50 butterfly haircut ideas inspire you to transform your mane into an enchanting and magical masterpiece.

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